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The Definitive Master in Business for Architecture
Building without Goals

When you start your own architecture firm, having goals is must.
It shows you where to go and keeps you on track.
Think about building a house.
You wouldn’t start without a plan, right?
The same goes for your business.

5 Startup Stage Business Principles

The Startup stage consists of knowing what you want to do in your life.
I mean professionally, what do you want to work on in the next few years?
For that you need to test your ideas, if they are really working or not…
It’s basically a discarding process, like the Guess Who game.
The goal is to find the professional direction that will give meaning to your life.

Business Maturity to grow your firm

Let’s talk about growing your architectural firm.
It is a lot like building a house.
You need a good plan to make sure everything goes smoothly.
That’s why you need to understand the Business Maturity Model.
This concept will show you how to go from an idea to a successful business.

The Definitive Master in Business for Architecture
7 income streams for an architect

Relying solely on your salary in this field can make you feel like you’re always waiting for the next big project to come along.
It’s unpredictable and, frankly, a very stressful.
But hey, what am I going to tell you that you don’t already know?
To make sure you don’t have to gamble every month, you have to diversify your income.

The Definitive Master in Business for Architecture
What is the average salary of an architect in every country?

My friend.
We already know that you are a first class architect.
You dedicate all the time in the world to your projects.
You master all kinds of design programs and produce plans like a machine.
But when payday comes, you look at your paycheck and think:
“What is this shit?”
I feel you. You’re not alone.

The Definitive Master in Business for Architecture
Who is The Richest Architect in the World?

The average architect salary was approximately $72,000.
Most experienced architects, who have gained experience for years, earned over $119,000.
However, these architects broke this rule and earned ten to twenty times more than that.

Start Small and Scale Gradually

If you were in my shoes, you’d hear a story that’s not like the usual architect.
A story of starting small and how those little steps can lead to something big.
Right after finishing architecture school, all excited and dreaming big, I was prepared to take on the world of designs and buildings.
My success story didn’t happen the normal way.

The Definitive Master in Business for Architecture
Multiple Income Streams with Digital Products

Building multiple streams of income is essential for long-term financial stability.
Every architect should know that, don’t you think?
You can start with leveraging your primary skill set.
And gradually branching out to new revenue streams that complement one another.

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