Research Your Ideal Buyer Persona: Why and How They Buy?

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Your content is here to support Marketing and Sales efforts.

Those 2 departments collaborate to generate revenue. They create demand, capture it, and convert it into revenue.


The truth is that every customer goes through a unique buying journey.

  • You can analyze the buying journey
  • You should definitely map it
  • You may list the triggers of each stage
  • But you can’t control the buying journey


The only thing you can do is to :

  • Understand why and how they buy
  • Multiply your brand touch-points
  • Always use top-quality content

Because every touchpoint is an opportunity to win or lose a deal.


How to Research Your Ideal Buyer Persona

Ensure that your brand is present at every stage of the journey:

  • Need to know more about a problem β†’ Educative video
  • Need to know more about a solution β†’ Case study
  • Need to know more about risks β†’ Comprehensive guide
  • Need to know more about the price β†’ Pricing grid
  • Need to know more aboutΒ featuresΒ β†’ Features Overview
  • Need to know more about the next steps β†’ Action Plan


I will help you in part 4 of the guide to rationalize and map this.


Architecture firms that have the best content often win more deals. Even if they are more expensive. They cover every touchpoint and answer exactly what prospects need to know.


Examples of Research of Ideal Buyer Persona

Good examples are Fran Silvestre and ARCHIDOM STUDIO.

They are helping businesses make important decisions, so they know they need to scale customer support with key content.

They have answers for everything in their content.

Study these two architecture firms carefully.


To go further in Audience Research, save this Cheat Sheet:




Once you know exactly:

  • Who is your target audience
  • Why they buy
  • How they buy


You can start mining content insights.


What did I learn?



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