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You can’t grow a business with broke customers

Previously we talked about the customer who asked if I could work for him for 5.000€, instead of 10.000€.

That was a terrible mistake.

Everything went wrong:

  • High emotions mean a stressed client
  • A stressed client often starts micro-managing
  • Micro-managing leads to worse results


We learned in architecture school that our designs were very important.

But the most important aspect of an architecture business is who do you work for, not what you design.

This article is your guide to moving from being just design architect to growing your own profitable architecture business.

We'll show you how to find the right clients – the ones who really value what you do and help your business grow.



How to build the WRONG audience online

In the digital age, how you present yourself online as an architect is crucial.

Being and old-schooled architect with a traditional website in not enough.

And there are common traps that can lead you to attract the wrong kind of customers:


Creating Content for Other Architects

One big mistake is making content that only appeals to other architects, like complex aesthetic pictures or detailed plans.

While this might impress our peers, it doesn't resonate with potential clients who aren't in the field.

We've realized that content which seems too technical or niche can alienate those who actually need our services.

Our focus should be on content that speaks to clients, not just to impress other architects.



Too Much Focus on Looks

We love showing off our beautiful designs.

But there's more to architecture than just good looks.

It's important to also talk about how our buildings are practical and comfortable to use.

For example, we can share how a home we designed is not just pretty but also cozy and energy-efficient.

This way, we attract clients who care about living or working in spaces that look good and feel right.



Not Sharing Our Journey

People are often curious about what goes on behind the scenes.

So, instead of just showing a photo of a finished building, we can share stories about the project.

Like how we tackled a tough design problem or worked with the stakeholders.

This helps people see the effort and thought we put into our work, making them appreciate it more.


Forgetting About Client Stories

Our clients' experiences are gold.

When a client tells their story, like how we turned their dream home into reality or made their workspace more inspiring, it speaks volumes.

These stories show potential clients that we listen and deliver, making them more likely to choose us for their projects.


Talking Too Technical

Sometimes we get caught up in our professional lingo.

But when we use simple words to explain our work, more people understand and connect with it.

For instance, instead of saying 'sustainable design principles,' we could say 'designs that save energy and definitely your money'

It makes our work more relatable.


Being Inconsistent

If we're all over the place with our messaging, people get confused about what we offer.

Whether it's our style, the kind of projects we take on, or how we talk about our work, sticking to a clear theme helps people remember and trust us.

Consistency is key.


Not Solving Problems

It's great to celebrate our achievements, but what clients really want to know is how we can help them.

We should focus on their needs, like creating more space in a small home or making an office more welcoming.

When we talk about solving these kinds of problems, we show that we're not just architects – we're problem solvers.



By paying attention to these things, you can make an online profile that's more than just showing your projects.

Make real connections and find the right customers.

The ones who really need and value what you can do.


How to build the RIGHT audience

Being business owners, we've really understood how key it is to reach the right people.

We've been there, making every mistake we just talked about.

Here's how we do it now:


Sharing Success Stories That Matter

We focus on stories about how we've helped our clients succeed.

Instead of just talking about our personal journeys, we showcase projects where our architectural skills truly made a difference.

This strategy attracts clients who are interested in what we can achieve for them, not just our backgrounds.



You can read more Success Stories in our Case Studies section.


My advice: Create a story that connects emotionally with your audience

🎓 Wonder why some architectural projects capture the imagination more than others? Find the answer with the Marketing – Storytelling Sprint. Learn the art of weaving a compelling narrative around your projects, turning your designs into experiences that stick in their minds.


Engaging with Purpose

We don't spend hours online aimlessly.

Our engagement is strategic and relevant to our field and Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Whether it's commenting, sharing, or creating content, we ensure it underscores our expertise in architecture.

This targeted engagement connects us with potential clients looking for the services we offer.


Content That Speaks to Our Ideal Customer Profile

We write and share content aimed directly at our ideal clients.

Be it blog posts, social media updates, or videos, our content addresses the needs, concerns, and interests of our ICP.

This focus helps us attract clients who are a good fit for our business ethos.



So we create longer format content articles to solve increase their awareness.



You can read the full article here: Misaligned Content: Content Is Not King If It Doesn’t Serve Your Audience And Your Business Goals.


My Advice: Create in-depth customer profiles that give you a clear picture of who you're designing for.

🎓 Ever feel like you're shooting in the dark when it comes to understanding your clients? Illuminate your strategy with the Audience – Customer Profile Sprint. This is about more than demographics; it's about understanding their desires, challenges, and what drives their decisions. Tailor your designs to resonate deeply with your clients.


Staying True to Our Niche

While following trends can be tempting, we find more value in staying focused on our niche.

By consistently sharing content related to architecture and our specific areas of expertise, we establish ourselves as authorities in our field.

This approach attracts customers who value our specific knowledge and skills.


Once you start creating valuable content you will attract the right audience.


What did I learn?

We've learned that building the right audience online isn't about having the most followers, but having the right ones.

These are people who see the value in our work and are willing to invest in our services.

By sharing relevant success stories, engaging purposefully, creating targeted content, and staying true to our niche, we attract clients who are better suited for our business and more likely to lead to a fulfilling and successful life.



Building the right audience online is crucial for architects looking to grow their business.

A massive audience is pointless for 99% of the people.

If you're a business-minded architect, you just want:

  • More clients
  • More money


So change your focus.

Exclusively reach customers who really value your skills.

Share real stories, talk clearly, be consistent, and solve real problems.

This way, you will build real connections, not only show off our work.


Let's keep learning and getting better.

The right people are out there.

With patience and being true to yourselves, you'll find them.


I hope to see you win.



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