Why Does Your Architecture Firm Need a Business Consultancy?

90% of architecture firms will not survive the next five years. 

And if they do, they will live like zombies, working many hours and not earning a penny.

I’m not saying it; it’s what the Business Register Institutions say. They have all the companies’ numbers, and they know that many architectural firms barely make any money. It’s sad, I know.
Seeing that many architects have huge problem, we decided to help them with the Consulting for Architecture Firms.

We help architects (founders or partners responsible for paying the payroll and bills) overcome the survival phase of their architectural firm and emerge more robust for the next phase—that of growth.

What does Consulting for Architecture Firms do for you?

We analyze and improve multiple areas of your architecture firm, but first, we must diagnose which is the most important for you.

We start with the one that generates the most impact and gets the most out of it with the least resources.

The goal is to provide customized solutions that work for you and your company. It is not a generic document for everyone.


I imagine that you have identified a series of problems that you are suffering from at the moment—big problems.

But the most normal thing is that you are mixing them together, becoming more and more complicated to solve them.

  • No one is helping you with your business problems
  • The clients you have are small, and your fees are low
  • You don’t have enough customers or recurring income
  • You have good teammates, but they have an employee mentality
  • What you’ve learned with one client you can’t apply to the next one
  • You’re worried about how you will continue your business in a year’s time
  • You make just enough money to make ends meet and pay your bills just right


And, of course, all this is driving you crazy, and it keeps you from living your life.

Besides, you might be overloaded with work, and the first excuse that comes to your mind is “I don’t have time”…


We know what it’s like to be there and that you don’t like it at all.

Don’t worry, because everything has a solution.

Our method isolates a series of problems by area, such as sales. Then, we work on a particular situation in each session and solve it individually.


Let me give you an example:

Know how to price your bids so you don’t fall short, leave enough margin, and earn more money for each project. It sounds simple, but there’s a trick to it.


You can learn it on your own with the Pricing Sprint for only 199€.

You can go further by practicing with the Sales module for 1,695€.

Or you can also sign up for the MBA we open yearly in March for 5.880€.

All of them will give you instructions on how to raise your prices so you can bill more.


But you may have doubts or need help to put it into practice.

Well, that’s what we do with Consulting for Architecture Firms.

We get down to your business and ensure you implement these concepts into your architecture firm. 

So you can earn more, waste less time, and live a more meaningful life.


Why didn’t college ever teach us this stuff?

Back to the point. ↓

How does Consulting for Architectural Firms work?

We offer personalized consulting to solve your problem immediately and not waste time on nonsense.


We do it in 3 phases:

  1. Diagnosis: identify the problems and define an action plan.
  2. Implementation: accompany you in the execution of the actions.
  3. Follow-up: ensure you keep doing everything right and avoid making mistakes.


You can always do it on your own, but it will take longer and cost you more.


Phase 1: Diagnosis

We start with the Diagnosis, an 8-week program in which the objective is that you have identified the weak points and origin of the problem in your business and come up with an action plan and solutions that you can put into practice as you finish this phase.


You should be able to implement these actions on your own by following our guidelines. They are straightforward actions that anyone on your team with the necessary resources could implement.


But life takes many turns, and sometimes you either don’t feel like it, don’t have the time, or don’t know how to do it. That’s okay. We can help you with phase 2, the Implementation.


Phase 2: Implementation

We accompany you step by step in each action, get into the mud with you, and execute the tasks until the problem is solved, which is why you are here, right?


We’ll finish phase 2 with a manual, so your team has all the detailed instructions. They will be able to get on with the Implementation and learn how to make a living on their own, so you don’t need to call us again.


Do you still need more help, for whatever reason? We’d move on to Phase 3: Follow-up, periodic maintenance of your business, and making sure you keep doing what you need to do without getting out of line.


Phase 3: Follow-up

We follow a standardized process down to the millimeter to avoid missing a single detail.

I will tell you about it in our first talk once you have passed the first test.


Stay clear for now, and start with the first one, filling out the Pre-Diagnosis Test.

Don’t worry—they are quick questions, and it’s free.

Write your email, and I’ll send the information to your inbox. ↓

Oh, and we can work in these 6 areas:

  1. Audience: identify who you are selling to and what they want.
  2. Marketing: how to gain the trust of that audience.
  3. Sales: how to convert that trust into money. Holy shit.
  4. Product: how to design and package your architectural products and services.
  5. Business: how to make your business make you money, more than it does now.
  6. Operations: how to make your business run efficiently.
Consulting for Architecture Firms has 6 modules

The method

Our method is so simple that it always works.

Even with those who thought it would not work.


We work with you biweekly, which means that during the 8-week Diagnosis, there will be four sessions of 2 hours each, for example. The goal is that you have enough time to work on each challenge between sessions.


We get straight to the point in each session, saving time talking about the weather or TV. Pim Pam, your time is precious, and you must go out and make money.


After each session, we write an MoM or summary to ensure everything is documented and you don’t miss anything.


And so on until the end of each phase. Simple.

That’s why it works.

What are my options?

Consulting for Architecture Firms can be done:

  1. On-site, accompanying you in your own office or office.
  2. Online, without leaving your home.



You might ask, on-site, face-to-face? What for?

Some feelings and contexts are complicated to transmit online.

Being present in your office will help you to transmit those things implicitly, and believe me, they will help us a lot when it comes to diagnosing the problem.

We come to your office and work with your team side by side.

We take care of the flights and hotel; it’s all included.



It is the same, but simpler, faster, and more affordable.

We follow the same method but without travel or face-to-face sessions.

How much?

Making money in architecture was never a piece of cake. That’s why we make it so easy for you:


Implementation and Follow-up **

* Prices are for Spain, including the Canary and Balearic Islands.

** As implementation and Follow-up prices depend on each company’s needs, it is better to consult and adjust the scopes.

*** You can pay in 3 installments to fit your pocket.

**** Keep doing the shit you do, it’s getting more expensive, my friend.

Who participates in Consulting for Architectural Firms?

Aitor and his team of specialists, who have their asses out depending on the area you want to work on, will help the management team in each phase.

Aitor is an architect and owner (the one who pays the payroll, like you) of different companies related to traditional and digital architecture, who for ten years has worked with dozens of architects who have the same problems and find it hard to get out of the hole they are in.

His team of specialists are experts in each area, so they can get right into the kitchen and see what ingredients and utensils you have in your kitchen (or business). They’re also entrepreneurs who pay their bills, and they know what they’re talking about. You’ll meet them when we get started.


Just know you’re not the only one with problems with their company and don’t want to tell. Everyone has them (even us from time to time).

You learn by making mistakes; above all, solutions appear when you share and work together.

If something similar is happening to you, we can help you.

Because we know where it itches and how to scratch it.

If not, we hope you are among 10% of successful architects who live like a rockstar.


Sign up for the Consulting for Architecture Firms.

You will receive an email with the Pre-Diagnosis Test. Start from there.

I insist – they are quick questions, and it’s free. It won’t cost you anything.


Let’s turn your architectural firm around. ↓

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