Productivity is an absolute game-changer

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Overwhelming workload

As you might know, I have always worked on several projects at the same time.

That’s why, one of the key problems I face is the constant struggle to manage an overwhelming workload.

The sheer volume of tasks and client expectations can be a tremendous burden.

Sometimes managing too many things used to block me instead of being more efficient.

And has been the key ingredient that produced my burnout.

However, practicing productivity helped me by providing effective strategies to prioritize tasks, manage my time efficiently, and reduce me overwhelmed schedule.

This is how I did it.


About Productivity

Architects, like any professionals, face a multitude of challenges in their day-to-day work.

From managing multiple projects and clients to handling complex design processes, the demands can be overwhelming.

By optimizing their workflow and maximizing their output, architects can tackle more projects efficiently, meet deadlines with ease, and ultimately deliver exceptional results.

Productivity empowers architects to become more reliable and responsive, leading to satisfied clients who are eager to recommend their services to others.

That’s why I said that practicing productivity is an absolute game-changer:


Supercharge Your Success

Productivity is the secret ingredient that propels you toward your goals and accelerates your success.

By honing your productivity skills, you unlock the power to accomplish more in less time.

Imagine the thrill of achieving your targets, completing projects ahead of schedule, and surpassing client expectations.

Increased productivity sets you on a path toward professional triumph, recognition, and limitless growth.


Conquer Overwhelm, Embrace Balance

Architects are no strangers to juggling multiple projects, deadlines, and responsibilities.

This can quickly lead to overwhelming stress and burnout.

However, productivity offers the antidote.

By mastering productivity techniques, you gain the ability to prioritize tasks effectively, manage your time wisely, and achieve a harmonious work-life balance.

Say goodbye to those exhausting work marathons that architecture schools and traditional architecture firms show you.

And say hello to a life where you have time for personal pursuits, family, and self-care.


Boost Your Creative Genius

Productivity isn't just about getting more done; it also unleashes your creative genius.

When you streamline your workflow, eliminate distractions, and create efficient systems, you free up mental space to focus on innovative design concepts and problem-solving.

Increased productivity allows your imagination to flourish, enabling you to produce incredible architectural creations that leave a lasting impact on your customers.

What did I learn?

When I embraced productivity, it was like having a powerful tool in my arsenal.

By optimizing my workflow and maximizing my outputs, I could tackle more projects efficiently, meet deadlines with ease, and ultimately deliver exceptional results.

These are my top 5 learnings about Productivity:


Prioritize for Success

I identified and focused on the most impactful tasks, and cut out the noise and make every minute count.

Like writing these posts, or having 1:1 meetings with my customers.


Master Time Management

I took charge of my day by allocating time for focused work, collaboration, and self-care.

My Whatsapp status clearly says: “I'm radically focused” when I’m working. Nobody can bother me in my focused work time.


Embrace Technology

Leveraged cutting-edge tools and software to organize processes, enhance collaboration, and bring your designs to life.

Notion, Google Keep, and ChatGPT are some tools I use every day to create content, produce challenges, and curate information.


Invest in Yourself

Remember, you are the most valuable asset in your architectural journey.

I prioritized self-care, took breaks, and nurtured a healthy work-life integration.

This was the most important lesson I learned, sincerely.

That’s why I go to the gym every single day, even if it’s for just 30 minutes.

I also try to eat healthily (my girlfriend Ale has much to do with it ).

It’s worth it.


Take Action

It all started when I chose one area to make an immediate change.

In my case was to find my first 10 1:1 coaching customers.

I implemented a prioritization system, set clear boundaries for my time, and explored new technologies.

As simple as that.


My tip

🎓 Start by analyzing your main activities with the Operations – Time Management Challenge. It will help you prioritize your most important tasks and goals.


As a hard working architect, you should sincerely embrace productivity as a transformative force in your professional career.

Embracing productivity not only will enhance your efficiency and effectiveness but also cultivate a healthier work-life balance, allowing you to thrive creatively while achieving the success you desire.

You could continue the example of other conventional architects (working long hours, overwhelmed by infinite tasks).

Or you could start being productive and have a more meaningful career and life.

It’s all about choosing one area to make an immediate change.

Just saying.

Wish you a happy productive week ✌🏼



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Whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways we can help you with:



If you’re still seeking traction in your architecture business, subscribe to the Wisdom for the Modern Architect Newsletter. Every week, you will get actionable ideas, mental models, and resources to help you build a profitable business.


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