Mastering the Art of Selling

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Architecture school never showed me how to sell.

Neither did I learn how to date or find a woman.

I did it myself, the hard way, making a lot of mistakes, and learning from each one of them.

Actually, selling can be harder than dating if you don't know how to play by the rules.

Let me explain it…

Let’s say you’re a talented architect, armed with a creative vision and a burning desire to make your mark on the world. (like anyone else)

You pour your heart and soul into every design, but there’s one crucial skill that can make or break your success:



Failure is the frame, not the picture.


But selling it’s not your main skill.

Actually, you hate it, don’t you?

Neither was my primary skill when I started Bamboo Arquitectura (my own architecture business), until I read a game-changing book that transformed my architectural career.


Sell or Be Sold

"Sell or Be Sold" by Grant Cardone is a sales book that showed me the importance of mastering sales skills to succeed in any profession, but especially in architecture, where everyone was too focused on design.

It provides practical advice, strategies, and techniques for becoming an effective salesperson and improving overall communication skills.

🤔 Something I wish architecture school have taught me years before, but…

This book was like a guiding light, helping me navigate the tricky waters of the business world.

It gave me useful plans to handle client concerns, show my worth, and secure projects that match our creative ideas.

Plus, the book highlighted how important it was to connect with others, make friends, and keep thinking like a business owner.

It really helped my shape Bamboo Arquitectura.


Here are the Top ideas that other architects could get from the book:


1) Sales Skills as a Foundation

Understanding sales techniques can benefit architects and designers in effectively communicating their ideas, convincing clients, and winning projects.

Think of sales skills as the solid groundwork for architects and designers.

These skills will help you talk about your ideas really well, convince clients, and succeed in getting cool projects.

You will have a special set of tools that will make it easier to get more and better customers.


2) Emphasise Value

Focus on showcasing the unique value and benefits of your architectural or design services to potential customers.

Make sure to shine a spotlight on the special things that make your architectural or design services awesome.

Talk about the benefits of your value, not their features.

“Our projects have 127 super detailed plans” vs “Our designs are so detailed that will help other stakeholders avoid misconceptions in the construction phase, and will save you a lot of time and money”.

This way, you'll stand out and be the first choice for those who need your creative skills.

Not sure how to do that?


My Advice: Turn features into compelling benefits.

🎓 Ever wonder why some architectural designs win clients over more easily than others? Unlock the secret with the Product – Features vs Benefits Sprint. It's not just about the technical specs or the innovative features of your designs; it's about how these aspects benefit your clients.


3) Develop Strong Communication Skills

Effective communication is crucial for presenting ideas, negotiating contracts and building relationships with customers.

Use simple words and phrases. Avoid complex words or jargon.

Like Environment, Sustainability or Common Data Environment.


You need to speak clearly to team up with others and communicate effectively to share your ideas, close deals and build strong relationships with your customers.

Always think of yourself as talking to your grandmother.


4) Active Listening

Actively listen to customers' needs and concerns to provide tailored solutions and build trust.

Imagine you have a pair of super ears capable of listening to every detail.

When your customers talk to you about what they want or what they are concerned about, use your super-listening skills.

It's like solving a puzzle. You put all the pieces together to fully understand their needs.

This helps you devise tailored solutions that fit them like a glove and makes them trust you as a loyal partner.


My tip: Talk less, and listen more.

🎓 Ever wonder why some projects don't hit the mark, even when you've given your all? Sharpen your edge with the Audience – Active Listening Challenge. Learn the art of truly hearing your clients' needs and preferences.


5) Be Proactive

Take the initiative in prospecting for clients and seeking new opportunities rather than waiting for projects to come to you.

Instead of waiting for clients to fall into your lap, go out and explore.

You take charge by looking for people who might need your skills.

That's why you have to be proactive on social media and email.

Because you have to show them what you can do for your clients.

They're not waiting for you…

You're a hunter. Get out there and look for clients.


6) Overcome Objections

Anticipate and address client objections to your proposals by providing persuasive arguments and tailored solutions.

Think of objections like little obstacles in your path. Just like how a skilled climber prepares for challenges on a mountain, you can get ready for any doubts clients might have.

This way, you can turn their "No" into a "Yes" and lead them to see the amazing value in what you're offering.


My advice: Learn how to overcome objections.

🎓 Tired of hearing "no" more often than "yes"? Turn the tables with the Sales – Objections Sprint. Learn proven techniques for overcoming common objections and closing deals with confidence. It's not about being pushy. It's about solving problems your potential clients didn't even know they had.


7) Continuous Learning

Keep updating your knowledge and skills in architecture and design trends, technologies, and innovations.

Stay curious and explore the latest trends and cool new technologies in architecture and design.

You can keep learning with our carefully crafted program.


Starting a new Architecture Business?

Struggling to find customers?

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And get your business off the ground with the coursework, resources and individual coaching sessions.


Tired of trading time for money?

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And work closely with the most experienced mentors.


Man, I can't make it any easier for you.


8) Build a Personal Brand

Every architect is unique.

You have your own style, don’t just copy or imitate others.

It's like creating your own special logo that shows who you are and what you're all about.

When you're true to yourself, clients will be drawn to your authentic style.

Develop a unique professional brand that sets you apart from competitors and attracts potential clients.

Do it your way, by being yourself.

Your customers will feel it naturally and like you more.


What did I learn?

Sales are always the cornerstone of any business, even yours.

Because without sales, there are no customers to serve.

And without customers, there’s no money, and there’s no business to operate.

How can I run a business without Customers or Money?


That's why I noticed these 3 things:


1) Networking is key

I try to engage in all kind of networking activities, attend industry events.

And build relationships with influencers, potential clients, and fellow professionals as much as possible.

Each conversation is a new opportunity.

That's why I'm so active in LinkedIn.


2) Develop a Positive Mindset

Doing business is tough, everyone has tried to ruin our strategy.

That’s why cultivating a positive attitude towards sales, rejection, and challenges, has reflected in our interactions with clients.

Stay positive, my friend 💪🏼.


3) Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

We focus on delivering exceptional service and going the extra mile to exceed our customers' expectations.

That's how Jeff Bezos built an empire with Amazon, by focusing on the customer.

So should any architect. So should you.


My tip: Learn how to deliver Exceptional Customer Service.

🎓 Confused about why clients drop off before signing the dotted line? Get clarity with the Sales – Customer Journey Challenge. Understand the steps a potential client takes from first contact to final handshake, and optimize each one.



In such a competitive world, architects must learn to sell.

“Sell or Be Sold” offers the keys to unlock your true potential.

So put aside your plans for a moment and read Cardone's book.

Remember that selling isn't just for salespeople….

It's especially for architects who want to be successful.


Wish you a happy sale ✌🏼



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See you around.

Whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways we can help you with:



If you’re still seeking traction in your architecture business, subscribe to the Wisdom for the Modern Architect Newsletter. Every week, you will get actionable ideas, mental models, and resources to help you build a profitable business.


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