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The Definitive Master in Business for Architecture
How to Overcome Architect’s Limiting Beliefs

Sometimes I had thoughts that kept me from doing my best. I used to compare myself to others and felt that I was not that good. Sometimes I was afraid of making mistakes and thought I had to be perfect. I used to worry about not being recognised or not finding good opportunities. I would work very hard and forget to take care of myself. All these thoughts made me feel insecure and less confident in my abilities.

The Definitive Master in Business for Architecture
21 mistakes I made – and every new architect will make

I started my own Architecture business when I was very young. I was barely 24 years old, and just got out of university (without even finishing my architectural degree – yet). My business understanding where close to 0 and had little idea about how to run a business.
So I had to learn them the hard way.
Making a ton of mistakes.

10 Rules for Success

I am an architect who reads a lot.
And I’m always curious about how other people made it.
My biggest influencers are from the US.
Naval, Hormozi, Cardone, Dan Koe, Jack Butcher, Tim Ferris, and many more.
They have nothing to do with architecture.
But precisely because of this, I have learned so much from them.
Here are 10 rules I learned from them:

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