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I read a lot, and I’m always curious about how other people made it.

My biggest influencers are from the US: Naval, Hormozi, Cardone, Dan Koe, Jack Butcher, Tim Ferris, and many more.

Here are 10 rules I learned from them:


Compound Yourself

Everything in life compounds – including yourself.

Im making sure to compound myself by

  • Building personal brand
  • Learning a bunch of skills
  • Investing in my wealth
  • Reading a lot

It’s all going to pay back 100x.

Trust me, you’re not late.


Have almost too much self-belief

I’m sure some architects think I’m delusional

I have an unwavering belief that I’ll be earning 30k€ monthly bottom line within 12 months.

Does this make me crazy? Maybe

But I’d rather be optimistic and wrong, than pessimistic and right.


Learn to think independently

I no longer trust what most architects say.

Because most architects aren’t happy and aren’t living the life I want to live.

If I listened to most advice, I’d be working long hours wondering what to hell to do with my life.

No, thank you.


Get good at Sales

I write copy every day.

I hop on several calls and conversations a week.

I religiously study expert salesmen.

Because sales is a hell of a skill.

Dating, business, persuading…

All sales.

And I’m determined to master it.


Make it easy to take risks

I don’t have any liabilities.

I have a few possessions.

I have a few desires.

This means I can reinvest everything I earn into good opportunities and education.

Business ideas, projects, coaching programs.

Limited downside, Unlimited upside.



Every day, I work 6-8 hours of uninterrupted, focused work.

I grab a coffee, leave my phone in silence, turn on a website blocker, and dive into my work.

And the work is paying off.

Big time.


Be hard to compete with

I don’t to compete on price.

That’s a race to the bottom.

So I’m building my personal brand on Twitter and Linkedin.

And I’m learning a variety of niche, specific skills that will allow me to charge a premium.


Build a Network

A actively reach out to cool people on Linkedin and Twitter.

In 1 year of online building, I’ve already met some absolute killers.

And these relationships are only going to compound.

Set aside 30 mins a day to engage with and interact with people online.


You get rich by owning things

Screw selling your time for money.

This is why I’m:

  • building my brand
  • building my business
  • building my email list

And acquiring as many compounding assets as I possibly can.

Because ownership is the only path to real wealth.


Be internally driven

I would be lying if I said money wasn’t a factor in my decision to work hard.

But I genuinely enjoy what I do.

I love waking up, writing, strategyzing, and crafting my next move.

It fills me with energy and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.


💡 Today's action step: Read back through this issue and figure out where you’re at. Find the relevant suggestions I laid out and choose just one to move forward with next week.


If you are another hard working architect and you feel your career or life is not what was supposed to be, start applying these rules.

They’re easy to apply.

I would start with reading, it’s the easiest.

I’m sure they will help you.


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