10 Rules for Success

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I am an architect who reads a lot.

And I’m always curious about how other people made it.

My biggest influencers are from the US.

Naval, Hormozi, Cardone, Dan Koe, Jack Butcher, Tim Ferris, and many more.

They have nothing to do with architecture.

But precisely because of this, I have learned so much from them.

Here are 10 rules I learned from them:


1) Compound Yourself

Everything in life compounds – including yourself.

I’m making sure to compound myself by

  • Building personal brand
  • Learning a bunch of skills
  • Investing in my wealth
  • Reading a lot


It’s all going to pay back 100x.

Like building an audience on LinkedIn.

It takes an enormous amount of effort to create and distribute the content and all the valuable resources.

I am sharing everything I know, as much as I can.

On social media, newsletter, and in our 1:1 sessions.

I am helping other architects to grow their own architecture firms.

Day by day. Step by step. Brick by brick.

Because I know, that my little efforts compound every single day.


Trust me, you’re not late.


2) Have almost too much self-belief

I’m sure some architects think I’m delusional.

I have an unwavering belief that I’ll be earning 30k€ to 50k€ monthly bottom line within 12 months.

Does this make me crazy? Maybe.

But I’d rather be optimistic and wrong, than pessimistic and right.


Let’s talk in 12 months. Or in 10 years.


3) Learn to think independently

I no longer trust what most architects say.

Because most architects are not happy and do not live the life I want to live.

Working long hours, earning less, super stressed and worried about their next project.

If I listened most of your advice, I'd be working long hours wondering what the hell to do with my life.


Thanks, but no.


4) Get good at Sales

This one is very important, really.

I write copy every day. Every. Single. Day.

I have several calls and conversations a week.

I study expert salespeople religiously.

Because sales is one hell of a skill.

Dating, business, persuasion….

All sales.

And I'm determined to master it .


Sales is learned every day.


I wrote about Mastering The Art Of Selling.


5) Make it easy to take risks

I have no liabilities.

I have few possessions.

I have few desires.

This means I can reinvest everything I earn in good opportunities and education.

Business ideas, projects, coaching programs.

Limited drawbacks, unlimited advantages.

I go all in.


Low Risks & High Rewards.


6) Focus

Every day, I work 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted, focused work.

I grab a coffee, leave my phone on silent, activate a website blocker and immerse myself in my work.

My close ones know this well 🙂

And the work pays off.

You can't get an idea of what I'm capable of producing when I'm in focus mode.

Like a beast.


Distraction is dilution.


Here’s the story about My Personal Struggle With Distraction Cancer.


7) Be hard to compete with

I don't want to compete on price.

That's a race to the bottom.

So I'm building my personal brand mostly on LinkedIn.

And I'm learning specific skills that will allow me to charge a premium.


Progress is the answer.


My Advice: Learn how to increase your fees.

🎓 Anxious about setting your rates too high or too low? Find the sweet spot with the Sales – Pricing Challenge. Learn how to price your services in a way that's fair to you and attractive to clients. Stop leaving money on the table and start getting paid what you're worth.


8) Build a network

To actively reach out to cool people on LinkedIn.

In 1 year of building online, I've already met some absolute killers.

And these relationships are only going to grow.

Spend 30 minutes a day interacting with people online.

It's not that big of a deal .


Connect the dots by meeting a lot of people.


9) You get rich by owning things

To hell with selling your time for money!

This is why I'm:

  • building my brand
  • building my business
  • building my relationships


And acquiring as many compounding assets as I can.

Because ownership is the only path to real wealth.


Earn with your mind, not your time.


10) Be internally driven

I would be lying if I said money wasn’t a factor in my decision to work hard.

But I genuinely enjoy what I do.

I love waking up, writing, strategyzing, and crafting my next move.

It fills me with energy and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.


Plan Big. Progress Slow.


💡 Today's action step: Read back through this issue and figure out where you’re at. Find the relevant suggestions I laid out and choose just one to move forward with next week.



If you are another hard working architect and you feel your career or life is not what was supposed to be, start applying these rules.


I would start with reading, that’s the easiest.

You can start with our Newsletter, it’s free.

You’ll learn how to grow your business.

And also get a ton of resources.

I’m sure they will help you.


I hope to see you win.



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Whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways we can help you with:



If you’re still seeking traction in your architecture business, subscribe to the Wisdom for the Modern Architect Newsletter. Every week, you will get actionable ideas, mental models, and resources to help you build a profitable business.


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