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My Personal Struggle with Distraction Cancer

A few years back, I thought being busy was cool.
I would do lots of things at once, work on several projects, answer hundreds of emails, check social media everyday, you name it. I felt busy and important.
But, I was always stressed. My work wasn’t that great, and I had zero free time. This is what I call “distraction cancer.”

Do what feels like play to you. But work to others.

Then, one day, I came across with a guy named Naval Ravikant.
He talked about “doing what you love”, and it made me think.
What if being an architect could be more than just a way to pay bills?
What if it could be something that makes you feel happy and fulfilled?
So I started trying to understand this idea better.

Every architect out there is becoming a content creator

I no longer design architectural plans.
I used to be a regular architect, drawing plans and making buildings come alive.
I did this for a long time, over 10 years, and I loved it.
But a few years back, I decided to try something new.
I became a content creator.

The Definitive Master in Business for Architecture
Trust is the cornerstone of your architecture business

I’ll never forget the moment when I realized how trust could change my career as an architect.
Even though I put my heart into designing, things didn’t go well with the client.
We had trouble understanding each other, missed deadlines, and costs started to climb.
Despite my best design efforts, there was a gap in trust between us.

How I resolved my memory issues with a super productive system

I’ve got a little secret to share.
I have a severe memory issue.
After a while, I can’t remember some things. Like a nine digit phone number. Or a street address. The names of some people I just met.
Or the menu I had yesterday.
That’s why I’ve built some great productivity systems.

Start Small and Scale Gradually

If you were in my shoes, you’d hear a story that’s not like the usual architect.
A story of starting small and how those little steps can lead to something big.
Right after finishing architecture school, all excited and dreaming big, I was prepared to take on the world of designs and buildings.
My success story didn’t happen the normal way.

What John Wick can teach desperate architects

I remember the days when I started my own architecture business.
I had to juggle tasks like finding clients and managing finances.
I had to figure out everything by myself.
But with every setback, I gained valuable experience.
Just like John Wick, who never gave up despite the odds, I pushed through the difficulties.

Customer’s Awareness Matrix explained for an architect

A potential client came to me seeking a solution for their commercial space.
As I passionately described my previous projects and tried to convey the impact I could make. Their eyes glazed over. But despite my genuine enthusiasm, I failed to resonate with their needs. What was I doing wrong?

10 key points to consider when dealing with fear of failure

Starting an architecture business can be scary. Many architects get nervous about failing when they start something new. Have you ever thought about starting your own architecture business? I’m sure you’ve thought about it, but haven’t done it yet, because you’re afraid. This article was specially made for those architects who are thinking about starting their own business, but are afraid of failing.

The Definitive Master in Business for Architecture
How to Overcome Architect’s Limiting Beliefs

Sometimes I had thoughts that kept me from doing my best. I used to compare myself to others and felt that I was not that good. Sometimes I was afraid of making mistakes and thought I had to be perfect. I used to worry about not being recognised or not finding good opportunities. I would work very hard and forget to take care of myself. All these thoughts made me feel insecure and less confident in my abilities.

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