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Build the WRONG audience

We learned in architecture school that our designs were very important.
But the most important aspect of an architecture business is who do you work for, not what you design.
This article is your guide to moving from being just design architect to growing your own profitable architecture business.
We’ll show you how to find the right clients – the ones who really value what you do and help your business grow.

Start Small and Scale Gradually

If you were in my shoes, you’d hear a story that’s not like the usual architect.
A story of starting small and how those little steps can lead to something big.
Right after finishing architecture school, all excited and dreaming big, I was prepared to take on the world of designs and buildings.
My success story didn’t happen the normal way.

The Definitive Master in Business for Architecture
21 mistakes I made – and every new architect will make

I started my own Architecture business when I was very young. I was barely 24 years old, and just got out of university (without even finishing my architectural degree – yet). My business understanding where close to 0 and had little idea about how to run a business.
So I had to learn them the hard way.
Making a ton of mistakes.

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