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The Definitive Master in Business for Architecture
Building without Goals

When you start your own architecture firm, having goals is must.
It shows you where to go and keeps you on track.
Think about building a house.
You wouldn’t start without a plan, right?
The same goes for your business.

The Definitive Master in Business for Architecture
I Ignored My Mental Well-Being

When I started my career in architecture, I was all about the designs, the deadlines, and the day-to-day challenges.
I was a hard working hustler.
And I never thought much about mental health.
But over time, I realized this oversight came with a big cost.

We Need to Prioritise Architects Mental Health

During my years as an architect, I faced my fair share of mental health challenges.
I often felt overwhelmed and stressed, and it impacted not only my work but also my personal life.
I felt exhausted, anxious, and at times, disillusioned with my work.
My relationships with family and friends suffered as I struggled to find time for them amidst the demanding work schedule.

Build the WRONG audience

We learned in architecture school that our designs were very important.
But the most important aspect of an architecture business is who do you work for, not what you design.
This article is your guide to moving from being just design architect to growing your own profitable architecture business.
We’ll show you how to find the right clients – the ones who really value what you do and help your business grow.

You can’t grow a business with broke customers

Back when I was just starting out in architecture, I remember one of my first clients. I had carefully calculated the costs and told them the project would be 10.000€. They hesitated and then asked if I could do it for 5.000€. Eager to please and get the job, I agreed. What a mistake that was.
The project turned into a nightmare. The client, having stretched their budget, was overly involved and anxious about every detail. They questioned my decisions, constantly asked for changes, and the stress was palpable. It was a learning experience I wouldn’t forget.

The Definitive Master in Business for Architecture
90% of Your Audience Will Never Interact With You

I’d post my designs on social media, but nothing happened.
No likes. No comments. No customers.
It felt like I was all alone, shouting out into the space.
This silence, day after day, started making me feel really bad.
I got anxious and even a little depressed.
I felt lost and alone, like my work didn’t matter.

The Definitive Master in Business for Architecture
Overcoming Architect’s Limiting Beliefs

Sometimes I had thoughts that kept me from doing my best. I used to compare myself to others and felt that I was not that good. Sometimes I was afraid of making mistakes and thought I had to be perfect. I used to worry about not being recognised or not finding good opportunities. I would work very hard and forget to take care of myself. All these thoughts made me feel insecure and less confident in my abilities.

The Definitive Master in Business for Architecture
I’m not creative enough

I doubted my creative ability. I thought I wasn’t imaginative innovative enough to design exceptional buildings or spaces.
As an architect, you have to face big decisions.
These are the moments when you choose to either stay in doubt or step up and trust your skills.
It’s a turning point that can change everything.

The Definitive Master in Business for Architecture
Not Standing Out Online

Lacking Unique Value: Without specific, unique value, you’re just background noise online.

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