Xavier Blesa, Opal and The Obstacle is the Way

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Wisdom for the Modern Architect

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Welcome to a new episode of the Wisdom for the Modern Architect series, where I share a dose of ideas, research conclusions, principles, models, books, podcasts, tools, and other random stuff with you, personally curated by myself.

Let’s get started.


📍 Message of the week

Don't be just another architect who only knows how to draw.

Quit slacking and start taking control of your time.

Your dream career? You won't get it unless you get disciplined now.


📰 Story of the week

A few years back, I thought being busy was cool.

I would do lots of things at once: work on several projects, answer hundreds of emails, check social media everyday, you name it…

I felt busy and important. But, I was always stressed.

My work wasn't that great, and I had zero free time.

You get lost doing small stuff that doesn't really help you in the long run.

I was working all the time but not getting much done. It was like running in place.

It hit me hard when I was working late and missing out on time with my family and friends.

I wasn't feeling good, and my big career dreams were still just dreams.

I knew I had to change something.

I tried different things and read a lot.


Finally, I found the answer was simple: discipline.

This is how I did it:


🦸‍♂️ Influencer of the week

Influencers are natural people, like you and me, who make an extraordinary job, and have the ability to inspire and lead with example.

In this episode:


I've gotta say, Xavier is a rock star when it comes to discipline and managing projects.

He’s an experienced architect and PMP Project Manager deeply specialized in high-end residential projects.

I've had the pleasure of working closely with Xavier, and let me tell you, he's a real pro in the world of architecture and project management.


🛠️ Tool of the week

Digital tools that will make you a more productive architect, producing more using less effort.

The tool I reviewed this week:


Opal in app that blocks distracting websites.

Since I started using it I’ve reduce my screen time by 30%.

If you want to be more productive, improve your business, and feel better mentally, give Opal a try.

And let me know what you think.


📘 Book of the week

Reading books is like sucking other minds that have already been in your place.

Why should you reinvent the wheel when someone else is showing you the way?

The book I recommend you to read:


Building a successful architecture business is hard.

You've got difficult clients, a complicated market, and sometimes you go over budget.

"The Obstacle Is the Way" by Ryan Holiday is the toolkit for dealing with life's curveballs.

Maybe a failed project or a difficult team can affect your mental health.

This book dives into how you can build your inner strength to face adversity head-on and come out the other side stronger.


📝 Posts of the week

Top-notch architects are always learning.

These publications give you direct access to my experiences, where I share my views.

Much like having a mentor to guide you through today's complex challenges.


The best posts of the week are:


Use these posts to find new relationships, engage with other people and learn new things.


♟️ Quote of the week

Quotes make you reflect and think.

The quote of the week was:


What was you first thought when you read it?


❤️ Healthy of the week

Your health is the most important thing you need to take care of.

Above anything else. Including your architectural career. It's not worth it.

Here is the highlight of the week:


I thought hard work was the key to success.

But all it did was wear me out.

I was stressed, couldn't sleep, and even my work quality started to dip.

Then it hit me.


💎 Business of the week

Architecture is big business, and it’s on track to becoming even bigger in the coming years.

A lot of companies are emerging to make life easier for AEC professionals by improving job site safety, streamlining project communication, opening up job access, and more.

Keep an eye on the companies that will disrupt the industry.

This most valuable business of the week is:


Plannerly offers software for BIM management that helps AEC industry professionals manage projects and improve communication.

Features of their solution include simplified contracting with e-signature, BIM scheduling tools, an easier way to outline project scope based on industry best practices, and more.


💥 Offer of the week

Are you an architect stuck in the grind, working crazy hours for peanuts?

You're probably wondering how to break the cycle.

You need to get savvy with marketing, sales, and business.

You need to stay disciplined and be productive.

That's where we come in.


We help architects like you go from zero to hero in building their own architectural business.



Through our monthly 1:1 coaching sessions designed specifically for architects who want to transform their hustle into a thriving enterprise.

Speed up your growth, hand in hand with us.

We've got the know-how to take you to the next level, fast.


These sessions are exclusive.

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