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Welcome to a new episode of the Wisdom for the Modern Architect series, where I share a dose of ideas, research conclusions, principles, models, books, podcasts, tools, and other random stuff with you.

Let’s get started.


📍 Message of the week

Having just a salary might be a risky strategy.

The architect's ridiculous salary is not enough to live on.

You need more than one source of income to ensure your financial stability.


📰 Story of the week

Back in school, they didn't teach us how to manage our finances or how to build wealth.

They taught us about structures, about history of art, and the integrity of materials.

But not about the filling our bank accounts.

That’s why I didn’t make enough to pay myself for the first 3 years.

So there I was, an architect with a plan for everything but my financial future.


I remember the first time I sold a something online.

It was a side job, a small project using my design skills.

It wasn't much, but it was a start. A flicker of possibility.

That flicker became a flame when I began to understand the power of multiple income streams.

Every project, every investment, every decision to use my skills differently became a pillar of my financial security.

I now see my career not just as a series of projects, but as opportunities.

And I want to share this perspective with you.

Because I know many of us are still sitting at those desks, wondering if there's more to it.

(Spoiler alert: there is)


I'm excited to show you how you could make more money:


🦸‍♂️ Influencer of the week

Influencers are natural people, like you and me, who make an extraordinary job, and have the ability to inspire and lead with example.

In this episode:


He’s a young architect who understood that diversifying revenue streams was important for his architectural career.

That’s why he founded Initiate, his architecture firm, where he offers a wide range of products and services. This is how you create several income streams.

Check out his website and shop section. And learn from what he’s doing.

Totally worth the follow.


🛠️ Tool of the week

Digital tools that will make you a more productive architect, producing more using less effort.

The tool I reviewed this week:


This week we have shown you +30 ways to monetize your architectural knowledge on the Internet.

And you might need a platform to sell your digital stuff.

That's where Shopify comes in.

Shopify is a website builder that lets you sell stuff online.

Try it, use it, and let me know what you think.


📘 Book of the week

Reading books is like sucking other minds that have already been in your place.

Why should you reinvent the wheel when someone else is showing you the way?

The book I recommend you to read:


Architects often dream of a practice that allows creative freedom, financial stability, and the ability to impact the built environment.

"Architect and Entrepreneur" offers a roadmap to achieving just that.

This book is a must-read for architects willing to change things up and make money in new, non-traditional ways.


📝 Posts of the week

Top-notch architects are always learning.

These publications give you direct access to my experiences, where I share my views.

Much like having a mentor to guide you through today's complex challenges.

The best posts of the week are:


Use these posts to find new relationships, engage with other people and learn new things.


♟️ Quote of the week

Quotes make you reflect and think.

The quote of the week was:


Your knowledge is very valuable, more so than what's in books.

That’s why people will value your advice a lot.

You'll help them get things done faster by showing them how to skip the long way around.

So go ahead, share your knowledge.

And make more money.


🎧 Song of the week

⚡️ Let's energize your day with a little bit of music.

The song of the week is:


The Lil Nas, Diplo and Cyrus classic was cool.

But this one is cooler.

I hope it gives you energy for the weekend.

Enjoy it.


❤️ Healthy of the week

Your health is the most important thing you need to take care of.

Above anything else. Including your architectural career. It's not worth it.

Here is the highlight of the week:


A positive mindset is crucial.

Regular self-care, open conversations about challenges, and continuous learning are vital for our mental health.

Together, we can transform our approach to earnings.


💎 Business of the week

Architecture is big business, and it’s on track to becoming even bigger in the coming years.

A lot of companies are emerging to make life easier for AEC professionals by improving job site safety, streamlining project communication, opening up job access, and more.

Keep an eye on the companies that will disrupt the industry.

This most valuable business of the week is:


Plan Radar is a SaaS and project management platform for real estate project documentation and collaboration.

With features like direct communication, digital plans, and easy ticketing, PlanRadar aims to make construction more efficient.

According to their website, the tool can increase project efficiency by 70%.

Currently, the company has over 120,000 customers across 65 countries.

Let's see what business ideas you get out of them.


💥 Offer of the week

Tired of busting your chops as an architect, only to find your bank account doesn't reflect your hard work?

There's a missing piece of the puzzle: understanding money.


Money is more than just what pays the bills.

It's what fuels your ambitions, secures your freedom, and makes your hard work count double. But you gotta know how to play the game.


That's where our monthly 1:1 coaching sessions come into play.

We're gonna teach you how to not just make money but to make your money work for you.

We're talking investing, saving, and growing your architectural business in ways you never thought possible.


The sooner you get on this train, the sooner you'll see results.


These sessions aren't a dime a dozen. We've got limited spots, especially for December, and our subscribers are first in line.

Book your December coaching session and let's talk money

Don't keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Get ready about your finances and change your game for 2024.


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