GreenDesign’ 90-Day Transformation: 20% increase in social media engagement

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About GreenDesign

GreenDesigns, a small architectural firm, excelled at sustainable urban projects but struggled to get noticed. Its architectural and design skills were impressive but lacked visibility in the competitive market.


Their main problem?

Winning bids for big projects was tough without being a well-known name.

The team, led by Sarah, was talented and dedicated to sustainability.

They felt stuck and frustrated, seeing other firms land the projects they knew they could excel at.

Their challenge reflects a common issue in today’s architectural world:

Having the expertise but not the recognition.

It’s a straightforward story of a skilled team needing to boost their profile to match their abilities.

GreenDesigns' architectural skills were impressive but lacked visibility. Here is how they increased social media engagement.
GreenDesigns’ architectural skills were impressive but lacked visibility. Here is how they increased social media engagement.

Struggling in a Crowded Market

GreenDesigns’ main challenge lay its struggle to carve out a niche in the sustainable architecture market.

It was a blow to their confidence and growth potential. The team found themselves working tirelessly, with little to show for it.


Sarah, the firm’s leader, summed it up:

“We knew we had the design skills, but it felt like we were invisible in the industry. Every missed bid felt like a step back, not just for our business but for our mission in sustainable design.”


Many architects can identify with this situation, where their experience does not translate into recognition. This struggle touches the nerves of professionals in the sector, so it is a problem worth addressing.


Sarah’s words capture the essence of their challenge:

“I felt like I was always chasing deadlines, with no time to focus on growing our business.”


Her sentiment mirrors the frustration and pressure experienced by countless architects.

This challenge is specific and widely relatable in the architecture industry, emphasizing the need for a solution to this common issue.


Increase in Social Media Engagement

GreenDesigns had a clear plan to use digital marketing to show their work.

First, they needed to renew their online presence.

So, they wanted a better website, informative blog posts, and better use of social media to showcase their sustainable projects.

They chose this because the world is becoming more digital and wanted more people to know about their sustainable designs. Above all, they believed in making sustainability easy to understand and accessible to everyone.


They also used eye-catching pictures and images on their website and social media, which made their work more interesting.

We decided to use online tools to make their digital efforts more organized and efficient:

  • Their website as their landing page
  • LinkedIn as a networking platform
  • Instagram as their secondary portfolio
  • Canva as their visual creation tool.


This simple plan made it easy for them to understand the Marketing Strategy.

It aimed directly at their problem of not being seen, and they wanted to change that.

Obviously, they knew that learning digital marketing would take time.

They were honest about the challenges, but they also showed progress.

But they believed anyone could do it with a clear plan and hard work.


Steps to Making Visibility a Reality

So, to solve the problem, Sarah and the team of GreenDesign followed these steps:


Step 1: Improve Your Website

GreenDesigns began by enhancing their website.

They understood that a website is their digital storefront where people come to learn about their work.

They wanted it to be welcoming and user-friendly.

So, they created a website that showcased their sustainable architecture projects using clear words and images.

It made it easy for visitors to understand what they did and how they did it.

Their well-designed and informative website helped people see the value they offered.


Step 2: Create Helpful Content

Next, they started sharing their knowledge and expertise on Social Media by writing useful blog posts about sustainability and architecture.

They thought about and answered their potential clients’ questions in their blog.

They planned to write regularly so their audience could rely on them for valuable information.

By sharing what they knew, they positioned themselves as experts in their field, and people trusted and engaged with their work.


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Step 3: Use Social Media to increase engagement

GreenDesigns recognized the power of social media to connect with a broader audience.

They created profiles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn by sharing their work and ideas with their followers. They posted their blog articles and engaged with people who liked and commented on their posts.

Social media became a way to reach more people and increase the visibility of their sustainable projects.

It allowed them to showcase their work to a wider audience.


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Step 4: Be Consistent and Patient

Building their online presence took time, so they remained patient and consistent.

They did these actions regularly, even if they didn’t see immediate results.

They stuck to their plan of improving their website, creating content, and using social media.

Over time, they started to see more visitors to their website and more inquiries about their projects.

Consistency was key to their long-term success in increasing their visibility.


Step 5: Learn and Change

GreenDesigns understood that the world of architecture and online marketing was always changing.

They stayed updated with the latest trends and innovations in their field.

They read about what was new and tried new things in their work.

Being adaptable and open to learning allowed them to stay competitive and relevant in the industry.

It ensured that they always offered their clients the best possible services and solutions.


They knew they were doing well when they saw more people visiting their website, engaging with their content on social media, and reaching out to them for potential projects. These were positive signs that their visibility was increasing.

GreenDesigns followed these steps and saw significant improvements in visibility and recognition in the sustainable architecture market.

They started just like you, and with persistence, they achieved their goals.

Patience and willingness to learn were essential actions that helped them succeed in building their online visibility.


Results and Impact

GreenDesigns experienced a remarkable 30% increase in client inquiries during the first year of implementing the strategies.

This translated into a substantial 25% growth in revenue over the same period.

These numbers clearly show that the strategies delivered tangible financial benefits.


Beyond the financial gains, GreenDesigns saw significant improvements in the well-being of their architects.

Architects at GreenDesigns felt less stressed and happier with their work-life balance.

This enhanced job satisfaction and contributed to a healthier work environment.


Looking at where they started and where they ended up, it’s clear that a substantial transformation occurred.

They went from being relatively unknown in the market to becoming a well-recognized name in sustainable architecture.

This shift in visibility and reputation was a remarkable achievement.

The firm’s reputation got better, and they got more important projects.


Success Metrics to increase in social media engagement

One architect at GreenDesigns summed it up well:

“Two years ago, finding work was very hard. Now, work finds us. Unbeliebable.”


GreenDesigns' architectural skills were impressive but lacked visibility. Here is how they increased social media engagement.
The Definitive Master in Business for Architecture

GreenDesigns has noticed a significant increase in website traffic.


It’s important to note that they faced challenges, such as adapting to increased demand.

However, these challenges were outweighed by the substantial benefits and growth they achieved.


In the highly competitive field of sustainable architecture, GreenDesigns’ achievements were exceptional.

They demonstrated that, with the right strategies and determination, even smaller firms can survive and thrive in this demanding market.


Some improvements were immediate, like the increase in website traffic.

Others, such as enhancing their market reputation, took time to solidify but proved to be sustainable and valuable in the long run.

GreenDesigns’ success goes beyond its achievements.

It illustrates that sustainable architecture is not merely a trend but a viable and profitable approach.

It showcases that with the right strategies, architects can carve a niche in this market and make a meaningful impact.


The initial goal of GreenDesigns was to increase its visibility and recognition in the market.

The results directly align with these objectives, providing clear evidence that the strategies used effectively met their needs.

And when compared to similar firms in the industry, GreenDesigns’ growth was well above average.

This comparison underscores the exceptional nature of their success and positions them as leaders in their field.


These results prove that our strategies work and can make a big difference in the world of sustainable architecture.


Testimonials and Feedback:

Sarah, one team member at GreenDesigns, shared her thoughts, saying:

“The strategies we implemented really transformed the way we do business. We are no longer just architects. We now think more like entrepreneurs.”


John, another architect at GreenDesigns, added,

“It was a game-changer for me. I used to work day and night just to get by. Now, I have time for my family and still see the business grow.”


Emma, who joined GreenDesigns during this transformation, expressed,

“I used to feel lost in the industry, but now I feel like I belong and contribute. It’s a great feeling.”


These testimonials directly link to the challenges GreenDesigns faced, the approach they took, and the results they achieved.


Insights for Growth

This case study taught us the importance of combining design skills with effective business strategies.

This integration is crucial because it ensures that your architectural talents are recognized and financially rewarding.

Architects often focus on design excellence, but understanding the business side of architecture is equally vital for long-term success.


The architectural industry is filled with challenges

However, these challenges can be opportunities for growth and innovation. Rather than avoiding them, facing challenges can lead to breakthroughs and increased resilience.

The strategies and approaches discussed in this case study can be adapted to various architectural firms and individual practices.



To those facing similar struggles, we offer this advice:

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-rounded skill set.

Invest in your business knowledge as much as your architectural skills.

Many architects may be highly skilled in design but lack the business knowledge to succeed in a competitive market.

They should always look for ways to apply new knowledge and strategies to their future work.


While our case study is unique, the lessons are universally relevant.

Whether you’re a small firm or an individual architect, these insights can push your architecture business forward.

They can be applied across the industry, from large firms to individual architects.


Here are some actionable takeaways to increase social media engagement

If there’s one thing I really want you to take away from this Use Case, it’s this:


1) Invest in ongoing Business Education

Continual learning in areas like Marketing, Sales, and Business can lead to more effective business practices.


🎓 Start with an affordable sprint, and get your business off the ground with the coursework, resources, and individual coaching sessions.


2) Prioritize Marketing

Building a strong online presence and engaging with the community can boost visibility and client acquisition


🎓 Talk to your customers in the most effective way with the Marketing challenges. They will help you foster a sense of collaboration and partnership and transform client-architect your relationships from transactional to meaningful.


3) Build a Work-Life Balance that Promotes Productivity

Finding a healthy balance between work and personal life is crucial for long-term productivity and well-being.


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Conclusions to increase social media engagement

As we conclude, we urge all architects, whether starting or experienced, to practice these lessons.

Reflecting on our experiences can deepen our understanding and promote personal growth.

Success in architecture involves more than design skills.

It means working on the business aspects, too, facing challenges as opportunities for growth.

Let’s also seek balance in our lives, aligning with modern architectural principles.

Together, we can build something special.


Let’s make it happen 💪


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