No calls, no new clients, just silence

When I first launched my architecture firm I thought I had it all figured out.

My designs were solid, and I was ready to face any challenge.

But then I tried to search Bamboo Arquitectura on Google.

When I discovered that we’re not even on second page.

Nowadays, everyone looks for everything online.

Last time I checked there where +9M results.

And Bamboo Arquitectura was just another name.

It was like being in a crowded room, invisible.


Every time I Googled architecture firms, mine was nowhere to be seen.

Buried under pages of results, it felt like my work didn’t matter.

No calls, no new clients, just silence.



It was tough.

Imagine putting your all into your work, only to realize that nobody is listening to you.

I couldn’t just be another architect online.

I had to be the architect people noticed.

I knew something had to change.


Let’s cut to the chase.

For architects, being on the Internet is like being in a room full of people.

If you don’t show up, you’re just part of the background.


This article is your call to action.

Let’s make sure people find your architecture firm.

Why you need to stand out

You’ve got all those crazy and beautiful ideas and projects. We all had them.

But if your audience doesn’t see what’s special about them, you’re missing out.

Being online isn’t just about showing your work.

You need to show what makes you different and better.


Your works aren’t just design

They tell unique stories about your buildings and projects.

And your branding should be the same, telling stories about your customers experience with you.

This guide is here to help you make your online profile as strong and eye-catching as your architecture.

Being unique online means being true to what you do best.

Let’s dive in.


Identify your unique value

So, how do you figure out what makes you different?

It’s not about doing something wild or out there.

It’s about finding what’s already in your work that’s special.

Here’s how you can start:


1) Look at your projects

What’s the one thing in your designs that always gets people talking?

Maybe it’s your innovative use of space, or how you blend old and new styles.

That’s your starting point. Create content around your best projects.


My tip: define which type of content you need to create in order to design your Personal Style.

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2) Think about why you chose architecture

Ask yourself the following question. And take your time to answer it:

What really drives you?

Maybe it’s making eco-friendly buildings or creating impactful spaces.

Or might be helping other people to solve their problems.

That’s what architects usually do, right? Solving problems.

This passion is a big part of what makes you unique.

Do What Feels Like Play To You. But Work To Others.

Find that thing that really moves you forward.


3) Put it all together

Your unique value is the mix of your best work and your biggest passions.

It’s what you’re proud to show and talk about.

It’s what makes people remember you.


Being unique doesn’t mean being the only one doing something.

It means being the one doing it your way.

That’s what people notice and remember.


Showcase your work with stories

Now that you know what makes you unique, it’s time to show it off.

And the best way to do this online is through storytelling.

Here’s how you can turn your projects into stories that grab attention:


Start with your favorite project.

What’s the story behind it?

Maybe it’s how you overcame a big challenge or how you used a new technique for the first time.

Who was the villain of the story?

How did you overcome the biggest problems?

Which was the hardest moment on your customer’s experience?

Share those stories.

People love hearing about the journey, not just seeing the end result.


Use pictures and videos to make your stories come alive.

Show before and after shots, time-lapses of your work, or even sketches that led to the final design.

This visual journey can make a huge impact.


My tip: create a story that connects emotionally with your audience

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In my case, I will use images about my history with Bamboo Architecture.

Or screenshots of the systems I use to be a productive architect.

You’ll be able to see the ins and outs of my habits and systems.



You’ll be able to see the ins and outs of my habits and systems.


Reflect and improve your online presence

Your online presence is a living thing, and it needs care and attention to grow.

Take a step back every now and then.

Look at your social media feeds as if you were seeing them for the first time.

Ask yourself:


      • Do they reflect who I am as an architect?

      • Are they showing my unique value?


    If not, it’s time for some changes.


    Keep an eye on what works and what doesn’t.

    Which posts get the most likes, comments, or shares?

    What kind of content seems to resonate with your audience?

    Use this feedback to guide what you share in the future.


    Don’t be afraid to try new things

    Experiment with different types of posts or platforms.

    Maybe a blog or a podcast could be your thing.

    You have a silent audience, almost 90% of your online audience, who browse without saying a word.

    They’re part of your average buyer crowd.

    Your job is to make sure your awesome project or service you provide, gets in front of them.

    And not just once, but 7 times. At least.


    That’s why I share so much content on a weekly basis.

    I’m trying to be remembered as the guy who will help you build a successful architecture business.

    And I will try 15 to 20 new experiments each week.

    Some will work. Some won’t. But I will certainly learn what works.



    Build a memorable, easy-to-remember brand.


    Finally, balance is key

    Your online activities should support your work, not replace it.

    I fully understand that creating content is not your first job.

    And that creating 15 pieces of content a week seems overwhelming to you.

    Don’t worry. Find a rhythm that works for you and stick to it.

    Could it be 3 posts a week + 1 monthly newsletter?

    Perfect, start there. Experiment. And learn along the way.

    If I haven’t told you before, that’s how you build a successful business.


    My tip: Start creating content at your own pace

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    What did I learn?

    Standing out as an architect has never been easy.

    And Branding is more than a logo or a color scheme.

    But this is what I’ve learned so far.


    Authenticity is Key

    The most important lesson for me was understanding how crucial authenticity was in establishing an online presence.

    Being unique wasn’t just about being different, but being true to myself.

    As an architect, it meant sharing not only my designs but also the stories, inspirations, and values behind them.

    And I try to share them in each of the pieces of content I create.

    Specially if they are mistakes or learnings.

    Like the 21 Mistakes I Made – And Every New Architect Will Make


    Engagement Over Broadcasting

    My experience showed me that success online isn’t just about posting my work.

    It’s about engaging with the community, with the business-oriented architects tribe.

    It wasn’t the number of likes or shares that counted, but the quality of interactions and the relationships I built.

    This 2023 I’ve probably met +300 ambitious architects, and I’ve talked 1:1 to all of them.



    This involved actively listening, participating in discussions, and supporting others.


    Continuous Evolution and Adaptation

    The digital world is constantly changing, and I realized that I had to change with it.

    Staying relevant online meant being open to experimenting with new content forms, platforms, and approaches.

    I found it was a balance of maintaining a consistent presence while also embracing change and innovation.

    For example, when I started creating content, I used to send one weekly email for the Newsletter.

    I used to write very long emails, probably too long. And very few people reached the sections at the bottom.

    So I tried a new experiment, splitting the long message into 2 emails.

    The Definitive Master in Business for Architecture

    Now I send 2 weekly emails, one on Mondays with some fresh and inspirational content, and the other one on Saturdays with deeper content.

    Nobody knew this would happen. It was the result of a previous experiment.

    And maybe this experiment won’t work as I thought, and I will have to iterate again. Who knows?


    These learnings aren’t just for architects.

    They’re universal truths in the digital age, applicable to anyone looking to make a meaningful impact online.

    Be yourself, connect genuinely, and keep evolving.

    This is how you build a powerful Brand.


    My tip: Craft a unique identity that captures the essence of your work.

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    Your online presence is more than just a portfolio.

    It’s how you connect with others, share your vision, and build your career.

    Being unique online isn’t just a tactic; it’s a reflection of who you are.

    The architects who stand out are the ones who stay true to themselves.

    They share their passions, their challenges, their mistakes, and their victories.

    They create not just building designs, but stories and communities.


    So, take these tips and start crafting your online presence.


        • Share your unique vision

        • Engage with your audience

        • Keep growing and adapting


      Remember that every post, every comment, and every conversation is a brick in the structure of your online identity.

      Build it thoughtfully, authentically, and watch as it opens doors to new opportunities and connections.

      It takes time to build a memorable brand.

      You’ve got the skills, the passion, and the vision.

      Now, let’s get back to work and stand out.

      Your customers are waiting for your stories.



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