Tired of the Same Old Routine?

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1:1 sessions

Adapted to your needs


Coaching Sessions

Unlock your most important situation with personalized  1:1  coaching sessions.

These are 30-minute sessions, that will help you focus your attention in the right direction.


Consulting Sessions

For deeper sessions, book an 8-week private consulting that will take you to the next level.

We will analyze your actual situation, get hands-on on your core tasks, and speed up your business.

Life isn’t about finding yourself.

Life is about creating yourself.

What is Coaching vs Consulting​​

Coaching and consulting are both ways to help you, but they have some differences:



Is like having a guide or mentor.

We will ask you questions and help you find your own answers.

We focus on your personal or professional development and often work with you over a longer period.

It’s more about helping you improve your skills, mindset, or performance.



Is more like getting expert advice.

Our goal is to give you solutions that fit you perfectly.

They’re designed just for you and your business.

We often work on specific projects or issues, like:

  • Raise your fees
  • Build an audience on Linkedin
  • Define your email marketing strategy
  • Increase the value proposition of your products

In short, coaching is about guiding and developing you, while consulting is about giving expert advice and solutions.

Let’s create yourself. Together.

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