Marc Müskens, Google Chrome and Architect + Entrepreneur Vol 2

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Wisdom for the Modern Architect

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Welcome to a new episode of the Wisdom for the Modern Architect series, where I share a dose of ideas, research conclusions, principles, models, books, podcasts, tools, and other random stuff with you, personally curated by myself.

Let’s get started.


📰 Story of the week

I've got a little secret to share…

I have a severe memory issue.


After a while, I can’t remember some things.

Like a nine digit phone number.

Or a street address.

The names of some people I just met.

Or the menu I had yesterday.


My twenties were a chaotic maze of distractions and lack of discipline.

That’s why I’ve built some great productivity systems.


This is how I did it:


🦸‍♂️ Influencer of the week

Influencers are natural people, like you and me, who make an extraordinary job, and have the ability to inspire and lead with example.


In this episode:


He’s an Interior Designer, Business Coach and Podcast Host.

He explores the exiting combinations of Interior Design, health, technology, psychology, sustainability, culture, nature.

And for sure other sometimes quit unknown areas of interior design, architecture and entrepreneurship.


🛠️ Tool of the week

Digital tools that will make you a more productive architect, producing more using less effort.


The tool I reviewed this week:


As a mega-curious architect, I find most of my resources on the Internet.

For this I use Google Chrome as my main browsing tool.

And mostly a set of well-selected extensions.

Try it, use it, and let me know what you think.


📘 Book of the week

Reading books is like sucking other minds that have already been in your place.

Why should you reinvent the wheel when someone else is showing you the way?


The book I recommend you to read:


This isn't your average sequel.

It's a game-changer for architects who are ready to break free from the same old rules.

Get ready for high-level strategies, real-life tactics, and case studies that reveal architects reimagining the game.

Indispensable if you want to build a successful architecture business.


📝 Posts of the week

Top-notch architects are always learning.

These publications give you direct access to my experiences, where I share my views.

Much like having a mentor to guide you through today's complex challenges.


The best posts of the week are:


Use these posts to find new relationships, engage with other people and learn new things.


♟️ Quote of the week

Quotes make you reflect and think.


The quote of the week was:


Crazy how many architects get this wrong.

What was you first thought when you read it?


❤️ Health message of the week

Your health is the most important thing you need to take care of.

Above anything else. Including your architectural career. It's not worth it.


Here is the highlight of the week:


Dear architect, working long hours is not enough.

It will only bring you stress, depression and burnout.

It’s not worth it.


💎 Business of the week


This most valuable business of the week is:


AI is all the rage right now. Chances are you’ve already played around with ChatGPT–I’ve been messing around with it for bits of book research and it has been pretty useful!

But how can you use AI beyond drafting some copy or creating a new Twitter avatar?

Levity has the answer.

Its no-code AI platform lets you automate the work you do manually:

  • Analyze responses to your cold emails and add leads to your CRM.
  • Tag customer support tickets and assign them to team members based on content.
  • Recognize user-generated content like images, documents, and text in your apps.


Levity integrates directly with your tools like Gmail, Dropbox, Google Sheets, and it allows you to connect your AI to thousands of apps with Zapier and Make.

This is awesome.


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