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The Definitive Master in Business for Architecture

Global Architect MBA is a cohort-based program tailored to fit the needs of busy architects running their own practice.

Applications will open in March 2025.

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Architecture has changed.

You may have noticed that doing architecture today is way more complicated than years ago.

The industry has gone digital, the context has changed, but architects are still working in a traditional way.

That’s why 90% of architecture businesses will fail in the following years.

Global Architect MBA will teach you
what architecture schools didn’t show you.

🌍 How to adapt to the new digital era

⭐️ To differentiate from traditional competitors

💻 to sell architecture online

📀 to generate digital assets

💸 to make your business profitable & efficient

Would you like to know how?

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I guess,

You are a hard working architect


The market seems to be saturated. Too many architects are doing the same.

Most of the architecture firms compete on price, and survive without a consistent flow of income. They don’t know when the next customer will arrive.

Architect’s average salary is comparable to a cashier, even if they have invested a ton of money and time in studying for a long career.

As an employee you could spend 10 years to achieve a noticeable promotion and, almost certainly, your salary will still be the same. Very low.

Very few job opportunities let you grow and develop what really inspired you to be an architect. Most likely you will be doing boring stuff like building inspections or reviewing plans and reports.

You might lack some digital skills and feel to be wasting your potential.

“Cemeteries are full of burnt-out and poor architects.”

Don’t get caught in the old grind only to end up broke and exhausted.

That’s a path to regret.

Wouldn’t you like to do something more meaningful?

With the right Framework and Mindset, any independent architect or small architecture firm could have a sustainable business with stable income.

It is possible


It is possible to select which customers you would like to have instead of fighting for each client.


It is also possible to generate passive income that supplements your primary salary income.


Earn more by doing less, without having to burn yourself out working like crazy.


And of course, it is possible
to enjoy a “normal” day
and free time for your personal life.

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Global Architect MBA is

The definitive Master in Business for Architecture

that leads architects into the business world

The main goal is to run a thriving & profitable architecture business.

By working on 6+1 modules you will learn what traditional architecture school didn’t show you. How to:

🎯 understand and dominate your market

📡 attract new and better customers

💸 sell without competing on price

🏘 create products and services your customers are looking for

💻 use the internet to grow your sales

👩🏽‍💼 manage your business like a professional entrepreneu

Guided by

Mentors with skin in the game

  • Scarred and tough-skinned Mentors who managed to build their own profitable architecture businesses from scratch.


  • Who will connect with you to hold you accountable for your weekly assignments.


  • Who will show you how to work more efficiently.


  • Who will help you complete simple exercises (learning by doing), followed up by weekly challenges and mentoring to put into practice everything you’ve learned.

They know what they’re talking about.

(Not like your typical college professors 👨🏻‍🏫)

Gerardo Perez – CEO at Luxia Labs

Aitor Arteta is one of the Mentors of the Global Architect MBA
Aitor Arteta

CEO and BIM Manager at Stoor.pro

Marios Messios is one of the Mentors of the Global Architect MBA
Marios Messios

CEO and Co-Founder at Parametricos.com

Vladimir Dominguez is one of the Mentors of the Global Architect MBA
Vladimir Dominguez

independent Consultant

Seats are limited

We limit the group to just 12 PREMIUM members, ensuring you receive the focused attention necessary to build a successful architecture firm.

The next edition will launch on May 5, 2025.

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This is NOT
for you
if you are...

This Master in Business for Architecture is NOT for you, if you are...

  • looking for an 8 hour a day job with a steady paycheck.
  • Complain about your company, co-workers, the situation
  • Do the very minimum at your work
  • Are distracted or lazy 
  • Don’t clear goals for the future
  • NOT committed to your own career
  • NOT coachable
  • NOT curious
  • NOT willing to change
  • Conservative & traditionalist old-school architect

Sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many architects would not qualify.  We can’t do much in this case…

This is
for you

The Global Architect MBA is for you, if...

  • You are consistent and have above average work-ethic
  • You are already working at something
  • But you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed 
  • Willing to put the work make serious effort
  • spend +4h a week on improving yourself
  • Work your ass off
  • Want to make an impact on architecture
  • You enjoy learning business fundamentals
  • want to find a better way of doing architecture

You will curse & shit on us.
And o
n yourself.


After 12 months together

  • Sharing more than 300 hours of experience
  • Working on specific business related topics
  • Learning more than 50 business fundamentals
  • Practicing with curated content to save your time
  • Booking Office Hours with experienced mentors  
  • Discussing about the challenges, the readings, the tools 
  • Focused on improving your business

You will be able to

  • Run your own profitable & successful architecture business 
  • Enjoy a more peaceful life 
  • Make your own decisions
  • Buy back your time, to spend it on your most important duties:
    👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family, 🗺 Traveling, 🏄‍♀️ Surfing, 📚 Reading… you choose

what we always wanted to do,
when we decided to be an architect.

Was it so difficult?

How can I join?

Very simple. Join our list.

What does Jaime have to say about the Global Architect MBA, the Definitive Master in Business for Architecture

What does Jaime have to say about the Global Architect MBA 👇🏼

“I want to mention the opportunity to learn from people abroad to listen to different ways of thinking and doing things there are no borders or barriers.

I recommend this program a lot, especially for architects that want to keep themselves updated with the continued learning, improving their skills or in the way of opening their own studios or businesses.”

Jaime Gomez de la Fuente | Architect – Mexico

Participants usually ask

Global Architect MBA covers all the topics you need to know in order to build an architecture business. The full program includes more than 50 business principles and fundamentals about Audience Definition, Market Research, Marketing and Sales Strategies, Pricing and Objections, Lean Startup, Product Development, Business Model Analysis, SWOT, Business Planning, Key Activities and Resources, Key Partners, and much more.

Join our list and in the first email you will find the link to download the Full Program

The next edition of the Global Architect MBA will be launched on May 5th, 2025.

If you are considering participating, join our list and follow the process. 

No, applications are closed.

Our application process is highly selective, and all solicitudes are carefully reviewed to ensure that only the most suitable participants join. 

If you are considering participating, join our list and follow the process. 

The Global Architect program was designed for busy architects who have full-time jobs and only require 3-4 hours per week, so you can reconcile with your life.

A new challenge will be published every week, so you will have 4-5 days to complete it. Most participants find the time for the course on weekends, but some take a day or several hours off their weekly schedule to invest in the program.

Dedicating an additional 30 minutes each week to applying the lessons learned will help you build a better business and take your firm to greater success.

Usually other Master in Business for Architecture​​ would last between 18 to 24 months.

The Global Architect will last 12 months.

It has 6 working modules, each with 8 challenges, for a total of 48 practicable challenges (+8 extra challenges). As each challenge is published weekly, and including 4 weeks of rest for holidays, we will be working for 52 weeks, enough to develop some new healthy habits.

Nope, the Global Architect MBA runs completely online.

There are no in-person meetings, and hence, no travel is necessary. This means that the time investment is much lower than that of other alternatives, such as conferences, in-person training, etc. All training sessions are presented via real-time Internet video conferences or Webinars.

All Global Architect sessions are recorded and available at the video library for viewing at members’ convenience


Although the curriculum at Global Architect is based on EU business systems, we have members enrolled from around the world. And the course is designed for remote learning; most assignments are done individually, and interaction with the community can be done asynchronously. There are only a few calls where showing up is necessary.

Our Live Coaching Meetups are set for either Tuesdays or Wednesdays, with consideration for holidays, every week at 5 PM (UTC+2 – Madrid time).

Because Global Architect is an interactive program, please keep in mind the time zone variances. For participants in the Americas, this means Tuesday morning, while those in Asia should expect the session to occur late in the evening.

If you cannot attend one of the sessions, don’t worry, you can send us your question anyway and it will be resolved in the session.

It is for those architects who are fed up with the traditional way of doing architecture.

The Global Architect MBA was specially designed for business-oriented architects who want to stop wasting their valuable time and start making money. It is for architects who are suffering stress or anxiety because their business is not working as it should.

💧 Crystal clear.

No. Although most Global Architect members are firm owners, many participants are architects preparing for the launch of their own firms. If you really want to become the owner of an Architecture firm, this is definitely the MBA program you were waiting for!

For sure! Architects who want to become business owners do not require university degrees, they require ambition, courage, self-esteem, resilience… qualities that are not usually referenced on a degree.

Our Master in Business for Architecture is not for traditional architects.

The Global Architect MBA is for entrepreneurs.

No. You don’t need any prior business knowledge. We will start from the ground up, avoid business jargon, and build a holistic understanding of business.

Just the most commonly used tools like Google Suite (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Gmail…).

The program content consists of a carefully curated selection of presentation slides, PDFs, videos, downloadable files and additional resources like Books, Articles, Courses and Podcasts. Most of the content is publicly accessible online and you will easily find and use it to complete the challenges.

The Premium version also includes Office Hours with Mentors so you can solve your questions about any challenge.

Each week, you’ll receive around 10-30 minutes of video material, weekly assignments, and materials for further exploration. Some chapters include additional frameworks or tools. For example, the SWOT challenge comes with a template, which you can use on your projects.

You will find exclusive content you wouldn’t find in any other Master in Business for Architecture.

All documents in audiovisual format + Downloadable files (scripts, notes, Templates) are available to Global Architect members at no additional cost. All included.

As a non-traditional Master in Business for Architecture, the Global Architect MBA provides an exclusive platform where you will be able to access all these resources. 

Global Architect is designed to be as flexible as possible, however, there are deadlines to ensure that a group gets benefits of group dynamics (feedback, discussions, etc.). 

In order to successfully complete the program and join the alumni network, you have to deliver at least 90% of the assignment within the duration of the program. Additionally, each Sunday is a project assignment deadline. Each participant can submit one assignment late but they lose the right for feedback.

Even though you might collaborate with other participants on some of the  assignments, most of them are individual, so that they are more flexible

Furthermore, you will have access to the community at all times, with an exclusive group where you can ask questions, join discussions, share resources, and talk about your challenges. Additionally, we host monthly calls for group discussions. In these calls, participants are divided into smaller groups based on the module they are working on, and talk about how they can apply the knowledge acquired to their business.

We’ve made everything as easy as possible to communicate with you.
We will use emails for weekly announcements, video-calls for webinars, Chat for daily operations and support, LinkedIn for Community, and phone calls if needed.

All the shared content, the communications and webinars will be in English. Even though our mentors speak several languages, including English, Spanish, Greek, French, Portuguese, Russian and German. So you might speak in different languages with them if needed when you book a meeting for Office Hours.

Global Architect MBA is not the traditional Master in Business for Architecture.

Even though it’s not an official MBA program, the focus of the Global Architect is on practical knowledge and acquiring high income skills.

After graduation, participants will receive the Global Architect Certificate validating the skills they have acquired during the program, and become part of the alumni group, where they can ask work-related questions, and receive content updates.

Premium version was designed for those participants who want to grow faster & stronger, so Office Hours with Mentors, VIP Networking and Priority Customer Support are also included, to push you to infinity and beyond. It was designed for Navy Seal Architects.

If you like to be self-taught, there is the more affordable Lite version that includes everything you need to open your own architecture business: The full program (more than 50 challenges), downloadable templates, library, digital toolkit, audio experience, roadmap, community access, help center and the blog. Including curated content.

Join our list, download the dossier, and compare both Premium and Lite version to see which one best suits you.


Modules were designed for those who only want to work in specific areas and on their own. You will join the other participants during the module(s) you purchase.

Join our list, follow the steps and select your favorite module(s).

Smart question.

As the Global Architect MBA program has been carefully crafted for business oriented architects, you might think it will be expensive. Not at all.

Similar products and MBAs on the marketplace that share a similar audience and program, usually cost around 20.000€ to 30.000€ (even more in some US or UK universities). 

Our mission at Global Architect MBA is to make high education affordable for worldwide architects, so our tuition model is radically affordable. You will find different versions that will best suit to your pocket.

Just join the list, download the dossier and discover our affordable tuition model.


Participants have several options to pay their tuition. Both Premium and Lite versions have One (1), Eight (8) and Twelve (12) payment options.

Join our list to find out your most suitable payment option. All plans are covered by our comprehensive Refund Policy

Yes, we do.

As with every product or service we offer at Global Architect, if you are not completely satisfied with your membership at Global Architect Program, just contact us within 30 days of your initial payment and we will refund 100% of your money… all of it.
No questions asked.

Ask the same question in any other Master in Business for Architecture. And wait for their answer.


While the tuition for our Global Architect MBA program is set at an affordable level designed to broaden global access to superior education, scholarships are available to further reduce costs. As in any other Master in Business for Architecture​​, we consider an applicant’s background, education, work history, and free-response answers when determining scholarships, and these awards are announced at the same time as our admission decisions. 

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If you do not find an answer to your question, we will be happy to help you personally.

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