Productize your Architecture Firms

Package your solution and sell it to others

Why do you need to productize services for your architecture firm?

If you’re running an architecture firm and not productizing your services, you’re committing business suicide.

Here’s why:


  1. Architects who don’t productize their services are a dime a dozen. You’re competing with every other architect on the planet, and the only differentiator becomes who’s cheaper. Good luck surviving in that race to the bottom.

  2. Do you want to scale your firm? Keep dreaming if you’re stuck in the traditional service model. Custom, bespoke services don’t scale. You’re trapped trading time for money, and there are only so many hours a day. Productizing frees you from this hamster wheel.

  3. Guess what? Your clients don’t give a damn about your intricate, bespoke design process. They want results, and they want them now. Productizing your services means delivering faster and more efficiently, which makes clients happy and your business profitable.

  4. By productizing, you create a predictable revenue stream. Custom projects are unpredictable and financially unstable. If you want to keep guessing whether you can pay your bills next month, stick with the old ways. Otherwise, wake up and start creating products that generate consistent income.

  5. You’re just another nameless face in a sea of architects who don’t productize. Stand out by offering unique, standardized products. It’s not just about survival; it’s about thriving and dominating your market.

  6. You’re wasting your hard-earned expertise on one-off projects when you could be packaging that knowledge into products that benefit hundreds or thousands of clients. It’s not just dumb; it’s professional negligence.

  7. The modern client expects efficiency and clarity in what they’re buying. If you’re not offering productized services, you’re seen as outdated, slow, and a hassle to work with. Keep up with the times, or get left behind.


If you don’t productize your services, you’re failing your business, yourself, and your potential clients.

Wake up, adapt, and start playing in the big leagues.

Or stay small and insignificant, watching your competitors eat your lunch. The choice is yours.


What do you have to know about Productizing Services?


Productizing an Architecture Firm is simple (and nobody will tell you how).

This is the system we use at Global Architect:

  1. We see a problem
  2. Solve that problem
  3. Share how we solved it
  4. And then sell that solution 


After coaching hundreds of architects, the biggest problem we see is:

  • 99% of architects can see a problem they want to solve
  • 50% of those architects figure out a way to solve it
  • 5% of those same architects then share how they finally solved it
  • 1% of those architects then package their solution and sell it to others


By merely selecting and solving a problem – you position yourself in the top half of the creator economy.


But you don’t have that much time (nor budget) to learn all that stuff, do you?


That’s why we selected the most essential Product topics and summarized them into actionable Sprints. 

They will teach you to apply these productizing strategies to your architecture firm in less than five hours.

Master your Product skills with the following eight Sprints. ↓

If you’re new to productizing services, we recommend starting from the first: Lean Startup. 

Then, continue with the next one: Value Ladder.

1. Lean Startup

Many architects fail because they operate based on a conventional approach to architecture management.

The Lean Startup methodology helps architects learn from testing and failure.

2. Value Ladder

A value ladder is a lineup of offers that increase in price and value and meet people where they are on their journey to becoming customers—from initial awareness to their final decision to buy your premium offerings. It’s an effective way for you to build trust and maximize the lifetime value of each customer.

3. Features and Benefits

Both features and benefits are equally important for effective advertising copy, but ultimately, the benefits will give you the best advantages for converting customers.

4. Hero Product

Learn why project descriptions are imperative for the success of your Architecture Firm and how 80% of your income might come from just 20% of your Hero Products.

In this Sprint, you will design a ‘Hero Product’ that engages and converts your customers.

5. Long Tail

Where architecture firms or professionals in a particular area may add great value, they are outnumbered by a market that allows everyone to participate. As such, long-tail business models are often able to dominate industries.

Learn how to dominate the architecture industry with Long Tail products.

6. Value Proposition

Every time your customers purchase from you, they decide that they value what you offer more than they value anything else their money could buy at that moment.

That’s why you must identify your Value Proposition (VP) to grow your Architecture Firm.

7. Unique Selling Point

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) will address your target market’s problems directly in their language.

This Sprint will help you determine your Unique Selling Proposition to stand out from the competition.

8. Product Strategy

Leading architects must have a deep understanding of their target market and customer needs and the ability to provide strong product leadership to create strong, strategic decisions.

With the right Product Strategy, you will determine the direction of your Architecture Firm.

Learn more about Productizing your Architecture Firms


If you want to go one step further, choose the Product Module and get all 8 Sprints together. 

Ensure that your architecture firm is at the top of your customers’ minds by applying not just one strategy but all of them. 

Learn everything about Productizing with the Product Module.


  • 8 product sprints
  • Implementation Guide
  • 2 private one-on-one sessions
  • Case Studies: how other architecture firms did it
  • BONUS: Business models to monetize your product skills


Resources that you won’t find in any architecture school or association.

Are you looking for faster results?

Learning with Sprints is okay; understanding how marketing works and how it affects your architecture firm is necessary. That’s why Sprints are self-taught, easy to apply, and affordable. 

But your time is short; your mission is to build a profitable architecture firm fast, so you don’t have much time to learn about Marketing.

We can speed up that process by working together on our Consulting Sessions.

These are one-on-one private & personalized sessions where we work on your architecture firm. 

Read other architects’ testimonials and learn more about Consulting Sessions by following the link below.

And let’s solve those problems together.

❔ Participants Usually Ask

Sprints are short, focused courses aimed at quickly teaching you important skills to help grow your architecture business.

They’re packed with useful tips and actions you can start using right away to make more money and improve your business. Instead of long, drawn-out classes, Sprints are made to fit into your busy life, giving you the knowledge and tools you need without taking up too much time. The idea is to help you see real changes in your work fast, using clear steps and guidance.

During your Sprint, you’ll have dedicated email support to help you through any challenges or questions you might encounter. If something in the course material isn’t clear or you need advice on applying what you’ve learned to your own business, simply reply to any of the course emails. Our support team will get back to you with the guidance you need. It’s as simple as that.

👉 If you’re seeking the most affordable Sprint version, choose Email Support for 199€.


Additionally, if you need more in-depth assistance or want personalized advice, you can book a 1:1 session with our experts. This way, you can get targeted help to tackle specific issues and maximize your learning experience.

👉 If you’re looking for in-depth assistance, choose 2-hour sessions for 599€ or 5-hour sessions for 999€.

With these support options, you’re fully covered. Whether it’s a quick question or a deeper challenge, we’re here to ensure you can move forward confidently and make real progress in your business.

The Waitlist is a way to secure your spot in our upcoming Sprints before they are officially open for registration.

By joining the Waitlist, you’ll be among the first to know when new Sprints are available. This will give you early access to sign up and ensure you don’t miss out due to limited spots.

Here’s how it works:

  • When you join the Waitlist, you will receive an email notification when new Sprints are launched.
  • Waitlist members often get special discounts or early bird pricing to thank you for your interest and patience.
  • Being on the Waitlist helps you secure your place in our popular Sprints, which can fill quickly.


Joining the Waitlist is simple and FREE. It’s a great way to stay ahead and plan your learning schedule with us.


Sprints are specifically designed for architects who want to move beyond traditional roles and dive into entrepreneurship.

If you’re a curious architect, eager to learn but feel you’re missing the business know-how to take your career to the next level, these courses are for you.

They’re perfect for those who work hard and are looking for ways to earn more, be more satisfied in their careers, and want practical tools and insights to succeed in the business side of architecture.

Whether you’re just starting to think about your own business or looking to grow your existing one, Sprints will give you the knowledge and confidence to make it happen.

In a Sprint, you’ll learn specific, useful skills that can directly help grow your architecture business.

These include how to market yourself and your work better, manage your projects more efficiently, and understand the financial aspects of running a business. You’ll also learn about leadership, teamwork, and how to create a strong brand for your business. 

Each Sprint is designed with practicality in mind, so you’ll get clear examples and actionable steps to apply what you’ve learned immediately. 

By the end of a Sprint, you’ll have a set of tools and strategies you can use to make more money, attract more clients, and increase your overall satisfaction with your work.

For example, in the “Sales – Pricing” Sprint, you’ll learn how to set your prices the smart way, so you make more money for the great work you do.

Here’s what we’ll dive into:

  • Pricing Based on Value: Instead of charging by the hour, we’ll show you how to price your services based on the value you bring to your clients. This means you can earn more for your ideas and the unique designs you create.

  • Talking About Your Worth: We’ll teach you how to explain to your clients why your work is worth the price. You’ll learn to make strong points in your proposals and talks that show off the benefits of choosing you.

  • Negotiating Like a Pro: Learn how to talk about your prices confidently and handle any pushback from clients. We’ll give you tips on how to reach an agreement that pays you well while keeping your clients happy.

  • Flexible Pricing Plans: You’ll discover how to come up with pricing options that fit different projects and client budgets. This way, you can attract more clients while also finding chances to increase your earnings.

After this Sprint, you’ll be ready to set your prices in a way that reflects your value, communicate your worth effectively, and negotiate better deals. This is all about making sure you get paid well for your creativity and hard work.

You will find the detailed information on each Sprint’s description section.

Each Sprint is designed to be short and impactful, lasting just one week.

We’ve structured the courses to fit into your busy schedule, requiring about 3-4 hours of your time each week. This includes watching short, informative videos, completing practical exercises, and participating in discussions. The flexible nature of Sprints means you can access the materials and work on assignments at times that are most convenient for you, whether that’s early in the morning, during lunch breaks, or in the evenings.

This way, you can keep moving forward in your career without having to put your current projects on hold.

Yes, our Sprints are designed to be interactive, ensuring you can engage directly with the material and get personalized feedback. Here’s how:

  • Email Support: You can ask any questions by replying to the course emails. Our support team is ready to give you the detailed answers you need to move forward.
  • 1:1 Sessions Available: For deeper dives or more personalized guidance, you have the option to book a one-on-one session with an expert. This way, you can get tailored advice specific to your situation.


We make sure you’re supported every step of the way, so you can get the most out of your Sprint experience.

Your success is our goal, and we’re here to help you achieve it with interactive learning and real-time support.

Sprints are designed with a strong focus on practical application, ensuring that the skills and knowledge you gain can be directly applied to your architecture business.

Here’s how we ensure real-world applicability:

  1. Actionable Steps: Each module within a Sprint includes clear, actionable steps that guide you on how to implement the concepts in your daily work. This approach helps translate abstract ideas into concrete actions.
  2. Real-World Examples: We use case studies and examples from the architecture industry to illustrate how the principles can be applied in real-life scenarios, making it easier for you to see the relevance and potential impact on your own work.
  3. Practical Exercises: To reinforce learning, Sprints include exercises that simulate real business challenges. Completing these exercises allows you to practice your new skills in a controlled environment before applying them in your business.
  4. Feedback and Support: Through email support and optional 1:1 sessions, you get personalized feedback on your progress and answers to your specific questions, ensuring you understand how to apply what you’ve learned effectively.


By focusing on these practical elements, Sprints ensure that the knowledge you gain isn’t just theoretical but is immediately useful in enhancing your business practices, improving your efficiency, and increasing your marketability and profitability.

Many architects who’ve taken our Sprints see real, positive changes in their work and business.

They report feeling more confident in handling the business side of architecture, from marketing to managing projects and finances.

Here’s what success looks like after completing a Sprint:

  • Increased Earnings: Architects often find new ways to attract clients and projects, leading to higher income.
  • Better Projects: With new skills, they win more exciting and rewarding projects.
  • Greater Confidence: Knowing more about business and marketing makes them feel more in control and confident in their decisions.
  • Time Saved: They work more efficiently, saving time that can be spent on design or with family.

Our community is full of stories from architects who are now enjoying a more satisfying and profitable career because of what they learned in the Sprints.

Take a look out our Testimonials board.

Sprints are entirely online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

All you need is an internet connection. This flexibility allows you to learn and grow your skills no matter where you are, whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go. We’ve designed Sprints to be convenient for busy professionals, so you can fit learning into your schedule in a way that works best for you, without the need to travel or adhere to a strict class schedule.

This global accessibility ensures that you can join a community of like-minded architects from different parts of the world, enhancing your learning experience with diverse perspectives.

Sprints aren’t just another course.

Sprints are uniquely crafted for ambitious architects like you, aiming to grow your business to new heights.

Here’s why they’re a game-changer compared to anything else out there:

  1. Laser-Focused Content: Dive deep into specifically curated topics that cut through the noise, giving you the exact insights and strategies you need. 
  2. Rapid Results: In just one week, transform your business without putting your life on hold. Sprints are designed for immediate impact, ensuring you see tangible progress quickly.
  3. Action-Oriented Learning: Every lesson is built around real-world application. You’ll move from learning to doing in no time, equipped with practical tools and exercises that directly benefit your business.
  4. Unmatched Support: With direct email access to our team, your questions and doubts don’t stand a chance. And if you need deeper insights, 1:1 sessions are just a booking away. You’re never alone on this journey.
  5. Unrivaled Flexibility: Learn on your terms, whenever and wherever suits you best. Our email-based format means you can progress at your own pace, making it the perfect fit for your busy lifestyle.
  6. A Community of Peers: Beyond individual support, you’ll join a community of like-minded professionals. Share, learn, and grow together, tapping into a network of potential collaborators, mentors, and friends.


Unleash your full potential, one Sprint at a time.

After completing a Sprint, you’ll continue to have access to a range of support and resources to help you implement what you’ve learned and keep growing.

Here’s what’s available to you:

  1. Continued Email Support: Even after the Sprint ends, you can still reach out via email with any further questions or for advice as you apply your new skills to your business.
  2. Access to Course Materials: You’ll retain access to all the course materials, including videos, templates, and guides, so you can revisit the content anytime you need a refresher.
  3. Community Engagement: Stay connected with the Sprint community. It’s a valuable space for ongoing support, sharing successes, and learning from the experiences of your peers.
  4. Exclusive Offers on Future Sprints: Graduates often receive special offers and early access to upcoming Sprints, ensuring you have the opportunity to continue your learning journey at a pace that suits you.
  5. Updates and Resources: We regularly share updates, new tools, and resources with our past participants to help you stay current with the latest trends and best practices in the architecture industry.


This comprehensive follow-up support ensures that the momentum you build during a Sprint carries forward, helping you continuously improve and succeed in your architecture business.

No, you don’t need any special software or tools to join a Sprint.

All you need is access to the internet and an email account to receive the course materials and updates. We designed Sprints to be accessible to everyone, regardless of your technical setup or location.

However, depending on the specific Sprint you choose, we might recommend free or easily accessible tools that could enhance your learning experience or help apply what you’ve learned to your business. If any additional resources are suggested, we ensure they’re affordable and user-friendly, so you can focus on learning and applying new skills without worrying about technical barriers.

Sprints are designed to give you flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

While each Sprint is structured around a one-week timeframe, you receive the materials via email, so you can engage with them when it fits your schedule best.

This setup means if you’re extra busy one day, you can catch up when you have more time. The key is to progress through the materials within the two weeks to get the most out of the interactive elements, like email support and live Q&A sessions, which are scheduled at specific times.

We understand the demands of a busy professional life and aim to make learning as accessible and convenient as possible, without sacrificing the quality and interactivity of the experience.

No, there are no strict prerequisites or required levels of experience to enroll in a Sprint.

Our courses are designed to be beneficial for a wide range of professionals in the architecture field, whether you’re just starting to explore the business side of architecture or you’re an experienced architect looking to expand your skills.

We structure each Sprint to cover foundational concepts in a way that’s accessible to beginners while also providing deep, actionable insights that more experienced professionals will find valuable. The goal is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their starting point, can learn and apply new strategies to grow their business and enhance their career.

Before starting a Sprint, we’ll provide you with a brief overview of the content and any helpful background information to ensure you’re prepared and can get the most out of the course.

Yes, upon successfully completing a Sprint, you will receive a certificate of completion.

This certificate serves as recognition of the new skills and knowledge you’ve acquired, demonstrating your commitment to professional development and business growth in the field of architecture.

Having this certificate can be a valuable addition to your professional portfolio, showcasing your initiative to learn and adapt to new challenges. It’s a tangible way to highlight your dedication to continuous improvement and can be shared with clients, colleagues, and on your professional social media profiles, like LinkedIn, to enhance your credibility and professional image.

Yes, by participating in a Sprint, you gain access to a community of like-minded professionals who are also working to grow their architecture businesses.

This community is a valuable resource for networking, sharing experiences, and getting feedback from peers who understand the challenges and opportunities within the architecture industry.

Here’s what the community offers:

  • Peer Support: Exchange ideas, ask questions, and share your successes and challenges with a group of supportive peers who are on the same journey as you.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with other architects who might provide referrals, collaborate on projects, or offer insights into new market trends and business opportunities.
  • Continuous Learning: Learn from the experiences of others in the community, gaining insights that can help you avoid common pitfalls and adopt best practices more quickly.


Being part of this community extends the value of the Sprints beyond the individual courses, providing you with ongoing support and connections that can help you continue to grow professionally and expand your business long after a Sprint has ended.

New Sprints are released regularly to ensure that our offerings stay relevant to the evolving needs of architects and the architecture industry.

We typically introduce new Sprints every quarter, covering a wide range of topics from business strategies, marketing, project management, to emerging trends in architecture and design.

To stay informed about new Sprints and updates to our existing courses, you can:

  • Subscribe to Our Newsletter: Receive the latest information about upcoming Sprints, special offers, and insights directly to your email  👉
  • Follow Us on Social Media: We share updates, tips, and engage with our community on LinkedIn.


By keeping in touch through these channels, you’ll be among the first to know about new learning opportunities that can help you continue to grow your business and enhance your professional skills.

Yes, we proudly showcase success stories and testimonials from architects who have completed our Sprints and experienced significant benefits in their professional lives.

These stories provide insight into how the skills and knowledge gained from our Sprints can be applied to achieve real-world success.

Here’s how you can find these testimonials:

  • On Our Website: We have a dedicated section for success stories where you can read about the achievements of past participants, including how they’ve applied what they learned to grow their business, land new clients, and increase their earnings.
  • Social Media: Follow us on social media to see regular updates featuring participant testimonials, video interviews, and case studies highlighting the positive impact of our Sprints.
  • Newsletter: Subscribers to our newsletter receive exclusive stories from our community, offering deeper insights into how others have navigated their professional challenges and turned learning into action.


These testimonials are a great way to see the potential outcomes of joining a Sprint and to hear directly from peers about their experiences and the value they’ve found in the program.

💸 If you’re seeking the most affordable Sprint version, choose Email Support for 199€.

🧑🏻‍💻 If you’re looking for in-depth assistance, choose 2-hour sessions for 599€ or 5-hour sessions for 999€.


This fee includes full access to the course materials, practical exercises, and email support.

We’ve carefully priced Sprints to make them accessible to architects looking to expand their business knowledge without breaking the bank.

Sprints are priced to reflect the high-quality content, expert guidance, and comprehensive support you receive. Here’s why our pricing is set as it is:

  • Expert Instruction: Each Sprint is designed and taught by industry experts who bring valuable insights and practical knowledge that can significantly impact your architecture firm.

  • Personalized Support: You get direct email support throughout the course, ensuring your questions are answered and you get the help you need to apply what you learn effectively.

  • Actionable Content: Sprints focus on practical, real-world skills that you can immediately use to grow your business and increase your income. The value of these skills far outweighs the cost.

  • Lifetime Access:
    Once you complete a Sprint, you retain access to all course materials. This means you can revisit the content anytime, making it a lasting investment in your professional growth.

These Sprints are for serious architects ready to invest in their growth and success, not those looking for free or low-cost options.

If you’re committed to making a real impact on your architecture firm, our Sprints will provide the significant, lasting benefits you seek.

We believe you’ll love our Sprints, but we get that sometimes things aren’t a perfect fit.

If you’re not happy with the Sprint in the first week, just let us know, and we’ll give you your money back, no trouble at all.

We want you to feel sure about choosing us, knowing you can change your mind. It’s all about helping you move forward with confidence, and if it’s not working for you, we’re here to make it right.


Stop wasting your time reading all these questions and answers. And start your Sprint now. That’s how you will find the answers you are looking for ↓